Animoca Brands team up with Planet Hollywood to launch CLUB 3

Animoca Brands, along with Planet Hollywood, will soon be launching their much-coveted CLUB 3. This will be a private club in the real world, which will offer an entirely conducive environment for the Web3 community. It will be for members only and serve the purpose of playing the role of a conducive meeting area for one and all associated with the Web3, NFTs, along with the open metaverse industries. It will be a joint venture where the two brand entities are concerned. 

The CLUB 3 happens to be a fully owned affiliate of Meta Hollywood, a joint venture between Animoca Brands and Planet Hollywood. Meta Hollywood happens to be a community-first ecosystem for the purpose of entertaining fans and developers and provides special connectivity to URL and IRL at the cross-point of Hollywood and Web3. 

In the case of Planet Hollywood, it happens to be the builder of a consumer brand that makes use of the popularity of movies, sports, music, and other activities. Animoca Brands, on the other hand, is a top company involved with digital entertainment, blockchain, as well as gamification. Its aim is to further digital property rights and play its part in the setting up of the open metaverse.    

The first CLUB 3 will be situated in the center of the well-known Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. It is slated for the latter half of the year 2023. The club will be set across an area of 10,000 square feet. There will be available plenty of creature comforts, such as a main dining room, along with a rooftop restaurant, for the convenience of its members.

A bar and cocktail lounge will also be fitted in, along with rooms for conducting meetings, karaoke rooms, and many other facilities. There will also be the provision for complete programmable areas, for the purpose of experiential events, both in the form of physical, as well as virtual. As per their future plans, after the first launch, they will be moving toward other prime cities, such as New York, Miami, Tokyo, and London, as well as Paris and Hong Kong. 

There will be four types of membership on offers, such as Founding, Social, Global, and Corporate. The special offers for members will be the opportunity for them to be able to connect with the available facilities, according to their type of membership. There will also be the provision of community chat for better interaction possibilities between the members. 

In the case of a Social member, he will have the option of selecting one of the CLUB 3 locations. The Founding member will be provided special facilities. The Global member will be able to visit all the locations of CLUB 3. Memberships will be in the form of NFTs. A one-time membership fee is charged from the Social and Founding member, amounting to $2,500 and $7,500, respectively. For an added $1,500, one can become a Global member. CLUB 3 has plans to incorporate Web3 technology where the operations and collective promotions are concerned. 

According to the Founder and Chairman of the Planet Hollywood Group, Robert Earl, this will be a fantastic opportunity for all linked to Web3 to be able to effectively interact with each other in the most conducive environment.


It will land up being a place having all similar thinking persons coming under one roof. In the words of the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, this will open the doors for further sharing of viewpoints and opinions for the greater good. 

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