Animoca Brands’s nWay partners with Yuga Labs to launch Wreck League

nWay, a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has announced that it is partnering with Yuga Labs to launch the first phase of Wreck League. That is a game that brings together the worlds of Web2 and Web3. The partnership will enable them to offer players a wide option of creating their own Mech. These can also be customized at a later date if players have been able to collect parts during their journey.

The experience will include gameplay, competition, and craftsmanship. It is expected to go live in September. While a tentative date is not public yet, the community can expect the development to happen at any time during the first half of the month. To clarify, this is purely a tentative timeline.

Players in Wreck League can enter competitions and other gaming events. It has been categorized as the future of eSports that will one day transcend the gaming conventions which are relevant today.

Yuga Labs comes into the picture by bringing its collections. These are:

  • Mutant Ape Yacht Club
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club
  • Otherside Kodas
  • Bored Ape Kennel Club

Players will have the liberty to collect Mech Parts – NFTs – and assemble them as per their game plan. Also, they can utilize Yugaverse Mechs to enhance their gaming experience and register in-game achievements. A list of participants includes players, owners, and creators. They can compete with each other or form a team in any fashion to tease a virtual war.

Also, creators can form their own battle machines to make sure that they are battle-ready with something that is powerful yet visually astounding. The vision of nWay is to bring together the club of creators & owners with skilled players. Moreover, their contest in high-level events could be worth noticing.

The Web3 version of Wreck League will include tournaments and events. The Web3 version, on the other hand, is a free-to-play edition of the game. That will not require them to own any NFT. Players can register and get started with the game. Wreck League in its Web2 version, will feature a battle pass, missions to be accomplished every day, and an in-game store that will also act as a bridge between the two worlds of Web3 and Web2 communities.

Simply put, Wreck League by Animoca Brands’ nWay is a game that one plays almost every day. The Web2 version is a free-to-play edition for players wanting to stick to the Web2 ecosystem for entertainment. The Web3 version incorporates the concept of non-fungible tokens through the partnership with Yuga Labs.

Acting as a bridge is an in-game store in the Web2 edition of Wreck League. Yat Siu, the Executive Chairman & Co-Founder of Animca Brands, has called the game a start of an incredible evolution, adding that the mission is to deliver digital property rights to Internet users and gamers. Taehoon Kim, the Chief Executive Officer of nWay, has echoed a similar tone by saying that the aim is to unite the players and communities by leveraging the creative potentials of the Web3 community.

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