Animoca Launches Next $BONDLY Liquidity Pool on SushiSwap

The game products of Animoca Bonds witnessed the mass integration of Bondly’s services. These included Bondly’s launchpad, blockchain technology, and NFT bridge. Being listed in the list with only a few End-to-End NFT platforms, Bondly excels in offering digital-first goods.

The integration of two major companies in their respective field had everyone’s eyes on them since the announcement of the acquisition. 

The integration was a part of Animoca Brands acquiring a major stake in Bondly. Animoca Brands has featured in the Financial Times list of High Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2021.

The Launch

$BONDLY was one of the many tokens that were scheduled to be launched on the trading platform SushiSwap. The day is here and the token is now available for investors to trade.

You have to visit the official website of SushiSwap to start trading $BONDLY on the platform. You get access to analytics related to fees, volume, and liquidity of the token.

The launch of $BONDLY is expected to assist the companies in stabilizing their prices while allowing them to get ready for their upcoming NFT subscription initiatives. The launch will reportedly facilitate deep liquidity for the ecosystem of Bondly.

The Background

The acquisition was announced by Animoca Brands on September 17, 2021. That was also the date when both the companies got into an agreement to proceed with Animoca Brands acquiring a majority stake in Bondly.

Since the inception of the acquisition, it has only been referred to as Strategic Investment. The goals were in sync with a lot of the activities assisting them to help each other to accomplish those goals.

From the perspective of Animoca Brands, the acquisition brought in the opportunity to adopt NFT across all its portfolio.

Its gaming portfolio benefited the most from the strategic investment. Animoca Brands allows its players to move NFT assets across different blockchains.

The portfolio includes names like Sandbox, Craze Defense Heroes, and Crazy Kings, to name a few.


The joint venture of Animoca Brands and Bondly has many more such announcements to make. The future is brighter than it looks. As many investors begin their trading sessions with $BONDLY, attention must still be on other updates.

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