Aniseed plants 1,000 trees after migrating marketplace to Hedera

Aniseed recently announced migrating its marketplace from Ethereum to Hedera. The platform believes Hedera offers better scalability, performance, and sustainability.

To celebrate the migration, Aniseed will also be planting 1,000 trees in Kenya. The platform has invited users to follow its official Twitter account. The first 100 followers will get a unique Collectible that will fund 10 trees in the region.

Aniseed has joined hands with Forest Hero Club to conduct the planting. Coming back to the migration, Aniseed will use Hedera to offer a seamless UX and better scaling to its Climate Collectibles.

According to the latest post by Aniseed, Hedera’s decentralized hashgraph tech will be useful to facilitate immutability. It will also provide transparency of all the Collectibles and NFTs listed on Aniseed. 

The upcoming Climate Collectibles are labeled as unique virtual assets that represent a charitable donation or reward to an environmental institution. Each of these collectibles has an association with a particular environmental cause, like reducing carbon emissions, saving endangered species, and preserving rainforests.

Aniseed has made valiant efforts to ensure the collectibles remain meaningful as well as visually appealing. They will also include orbs with special photographs, artwork, and elements to highlight their cause. 

Whenever someone buys a Climate Collectible, a section of the revenue is donated to a charity. In return, the user gets a digital asset with unique benefits, like visitation rights, to present their support. The idea behind these collectibles is to provide a fun way for users to learn about supporting environmental causes.

Users will get more rewards as they collect more collectibles. Moreover, the collectibles add transparency to charities by providing their names. Every transaction made to the charity is recorded on hashgraph, which lets users see how their donations are making an impact. 

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