Ankr and WitnessChain collaborate for DePIN and AVS Innovation

Ankr adds Ethereum security to the new Web3 protocol, which is regarded as Ankr’s most important feature. It combines safe node operations, innovative liquid staking technologies, and efficient scaling services. Ankr’s infrastructure for vital functions enables the launch of the new Address Verification Service. Ankr collaborates with WitnessChain on DePIN, shared security, and scalability. 

WitnessChain, also known as the EigenLayer AVS for DePIN coordination, is the first physical state consensus mechanism designed to unify the Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network. The WitnessChain provides limitless opportunities for enabling a shared economy of physical assets. It enables the exchange of resources such as computing energy, storage, and communication.

DePIN projects will be able to share information about physical locations and network capacity using WitnessChain. WitnessChain allows decentralized physical infrastructure networks to establish connections with one another easily. They can create an extensive decentralized infrastructure supply chain, and WitnessChain is fueled by technological advancements within the DePIN ecosystem. The network’s physical decentralization is entirely decentralized, with proof of location serving as the primary incentive for this process. 

WitnessChain provides proof of location incentivization, which rewards operators scattered worldwide DePIN’s significant implications for the real-world Web3 and cryptocurrency ecosystem make it one of the top blockchain topics of 2024. 

Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network uses cryptocurrency incentives and blockchain technology’s full potential. It has the power to revolutionize how goods and services are sourced in the modern era. WitnessChain Watchtower nodes are renowned for their effectiveness as stand-alone DePIN network auditors. They are responsible for action verification, physical infrastructure verification, facilitating the operation of decentralized physical infrastructure networks, and building a reliable decentralized infrastructure system.

Through activating prime features, watchtowers acquired importance, serving as the DePIN networks’ trust factor. The primary features that Watchtowers enable are proof of diligence, proof of location, proof of bandwidth, and the DePIN coordination layer. Watchtowers guarantee the correct execution of calculations taking place within L2 networks. 

The Watchtowers’ proof of diligence function ensures network security and absolute integrity. WitnessChain has included features such as Proof of Bandwidth and Proof of Location. Watchtowers play an important role in creating a linked framework by allowing DePIN mechanisms to share information such as capacity and location.

DePIN established an end-to-end decentralized infrastructure supply chain with the help of the DePIN coordination layer. DePIN coordination layer unlocks several functions, such as dual staking. Ankr serves as WitnessChain’s AVS node operator, providing an essential service to the project. In addition to guaranteeing the efficient operation of the protocol, it includes running validators for WitnessChain. 

Besides round-the-clock maintenance, Ankr is renowned for its distributed validation, high-performance AVS node operations, and round-the-clock support. The integration of WitnessChain Watchtowers with Ankr opens the door to improved security for new L2s, additional tools for Ankr, and exciting potential for L2s.

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