Ankr forms a collaboration with Matter Labs

Ankr forges an exclusive collaboration with Matter Labs and will be delivering targeted zkSync Era Nodes along with hyperchain blockchain solutions on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. There are plans afoot to further the overall growth of Web3 creation and business acceptance. This will be made possible with the offer of an available entry point to the blockchain framework for the benefit of the customers of Azure. 

Solutions for zkSync Era will be made accessible on Ankr’s Microsoft Azure Marketplace registrations. The collaboration between Ankr and Matter Labs will witness the amalgamation of technologies from various entities, bringing together Ankr’s specific solutions, along with the upgradeable blockchain network of Ankr and the cloud framework of Microsoft. 

The zkSync Era blockchain will be responsible for blockchain connectivity throughout the world and provide the option for businesses and Web3 projects to link up with or create Web3 applications on top of zkSync Era, which is a zkEVM Ethereum Layer 2 upgrading protocol. They will be able to deliver zkSync Era blockchain nodes easily and avail of the offer from Ankr for backing and management. There will be the maximization of data querying for increased speed and dependability sans the need for a server. Tracing the status of nodes will become possible. 

The next level of zkSync Era hyperchain solutions will provide businesses the option of creating and delivering their individual hyperchain blockchain for boosting their Web3 plans. They will be receiving total technological backing for the same from Ankr. The hyperchain solution that is on the Azure marketplace will offer users the option of selecting customized dimensions for their hyperchain and Web3 applications. It will be possible for businesses to create their hyperchain, with Ankr giving them the finishing touches. It will also be possible to deliver applications with added functions so as to further user exposure. 

According to the Co-Founder and CEO of Ankr, Chandler Song, by making it possible to create on zkSync Era through Ankr’s Microsoft Azure marketplace solutions, they will open the doors for various businesses that require heightened upgradeability before they start creating the Web3 projects. 

Where the Senior Vice President of Business and Operations at Matter Labs, Marco Cora, is concerned, he feels that if there is a requirement for upgrading blockchain technology as with the internet, the need is to absorb the complicated Web2 use cases with the strictest of safety factors, as well as privacy matters.

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