Ankr joins forces with Brevis coChain as Mainnet AVS Operator

Brevis coChain, the pioneer of zero-knowledge (ZK) coprocessing technology and smart contract execution speed up, has announced its partnership with EigenLayer on the first trading day with EigenLayer mainnet. This partnership is seen as a breakthrough in blockchain functions. This partnership enables smart contracts to perform computations on any blockchain historical data, including those stored on the chain. It utilizes this data to execute custom-built functions in a protected environment.

Brevis coChain has a leading edge with the latest EigenLayer structure, ensuring contracts can check and utilize past data for many practical applications. Another example is the implementation of individualized loyalty programs into decentralized exchanges (DEXes) based on a user’s transactional data. Furthermore, automated market makers (AMMs) can improve liquidity management and design personalized incentive structures through these additional skills.

EigenLayer’s exceptional restacking technology makes the latest introduction of the coChain AVS (Account Verification System), a step forward in developing ZK coprocessors, possible. This mechanism seamlessly connects the power of crypto-economics and the advantages of zero-knowledge computing. It provides users with a function that can be protected through economic methods like deposits, and transactions can be verified using zk-rollup proofs. This method avoids overly expensive and long proof verifications when data integrity is not in question, consequently minimising operational costs and improving the processing time.

Ankr, the key player in this collaboration, provides the basis required to implement the complex features of the Brevis coChain. Ankr ensures the proper functioning of nodes, which makes the Brevis network efficient and smooth, ultimately enhancing the protocol’s trust and stability.

The purpose of the collaboration between Ankr and Brevis is to capitalize on their strengths to facilitate a more holistic product offering for Web3 networks. The integration of Ankr’s Rollups as a Service (RaaS) platform is a key component of the partnership as it enables the creation of complex decentralized apps that access and use data and perform intricate calculations by developers.

Brevis technology can do off-chain computations, so the number of tasks that need to be executed on the Ethereum blockchain and other compatible networks decreases significantly. This enables scaling and results in low transaction fees for users. Brevis then employs ZK proofs to verify privacy and security. This allows us to do confidential verifications without disclosing any privacy-related data.

This alliance is also one of the core prerequisites for compatibility between various blockchain networks via secure and trustworthy information sharing. This is crucial for the success and development of decentralized finance (DeFi) and other applications that use blockchain technology, which greatly relies on cross-chain functionalities.

Therefore, Brevis and Ankr’s cooperation is regarded as a novel tactic to tackle the challenges facing the blockchain sector. These include issues like scalability, security, and interoperability.

During their joint efforts, they will introduce new ways to utilize blockchain technology and create a foundation for sophisticated decentralized services with a significantly broader user base.

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