Ankr launches Enterprise RPC and AppChain Solutions on Azure Marketplace

Ankr has announced the release of its Enterprise RPC Service and AppChain Solutions on Microsoft’s Azure Marketplace. The announcement expands on the partnership between companies reported in February 2023. Initially limited to the RPC Service, the partnership has expanded to include another Ankr service. Many companies continue to line up to sign up for the service, but it may take some time for Ankr to actually spread its wings.

Enterprise RPC Service by Ankr is a blockchain connection categorized as a low-latency global offering. AppChains builds on top of that development to give a solution to enterprises that want to implement their Web3 strategies faster.

Ventures will be able to do so by leveraging the dedicated and customizable blockchain solution. It will be available along with the Enterprise RPC solution.

Daniel An from Microsoft’s Web3 and AI team has expressed excitement over the update, stating that partnering with Ankr aims to bring an enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure to their marketplace. The Director of Business Development added that they are now looking forward to helping enterprises meet the evolving needs in the Web3 sphere.

Azure will allow its customers to experience seamless testing, scaling, and deploying projects on Web3.

Peter Stewart from Ankr has called the collaboration with Microsoft the most rewarding one, adding that they have made sure to inculcate the best performance and user-friendliness. The Head of Infrastructure stated that they expect to have a surge in the number of clients, and hence, they are accordingly preparing their resources.

Kev Silk from Ankr AppChains has expressed confidence in the project as being the most convenient, fastest, and most beneficial way for businesses to transition to Web3 and service new audiences. The Product Manager has highlighted that Ankr will simultaneously eliminate barriers to entry for businesses of larger size looking to enter Web3.

Developments like these will surely have a positive impact on the future of Ankr. A list of companies lining up to collaborate, as mentioned earlier, is just one instance. The effect will also reflect on the native token, ANKR, which is currently trading at $0.0236, an increase of 1.21% in the last 7 days. According to the ANKR token prediction, the trading value is likely to jump to $0.095 by the end of 2023. This is an optimistic prediction, as the minimum estimate value is $0.085 for year-end.

Ankr’s partnership with Microsoft was earlier for Enterprise RPC Service. AppChain Solution builds on that to carry forward the partnership. More companies will sign up for the service in the years to come. Azure is likely to maintain its status as the primary company on the list of partnerships.

Companies that are able to get their hands on the solution will see a boost in their plans to implement the Web3 strategy.

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