Ankr provides Filecoin-hosted nodes as a service

At the present moment in time, Ankr happens to be a node hosted by Filecoin in the form of a service. This will enable Web3 apps, as well as developers, the opportunity to conveniently interact with the Filecoin storage network. This happens to be prior to Filecoin’s imminent EVM-adaptable, Filecoin Virtual machine deliverance.  

Ankr, on its own part, takes the opportunity of carrying out its official announcement of forging its latest RPC collab with Filecoin. This will help in making Filecoin’s JSON RPC API capable of managing greater traffic loads. Developers will also now have the opportunity of connecting with Filecoin Public, along with Filecoin Premium, as well as Enterprise RPC endpoints. They will also be in the position of carrying out API requests and also get reverts. 

The FVM that is soon to happen will indeed turn out to be an absolute landmark creation of the entity’s network. With the help of this, developers will find themselves in the position of user-oriented smart contracts on top of Filecoin’s storage network and blockchain. There will also be the capability of writing them in Solidity and positioning them with the usage of various EVM-adaptable developer tools that Web3 builders are familiar with. It will also have Ankr Filecoin node backing in the case of the Ethereum JSON RPC API for FVM.  

Filecoin also happens to be an important use case for decentralized technology and plays a significant role in terms of the Web3 ecosystem. It will be roping in further developers after the deliverance of the FVM, along with the user-oriented smart contracts that will land up building on Filecoin. In order to be able to adequately accommodate the expected rush, Ankr will be offering Filecoin Lotus nodes, which happen to be the reference node execution for Filecoin. 

As for the Ankr Filecoin RPC, it will be linking the user’s wallet, command-line interface, and dApp with Filecoin’s network. The Filecoin RPC endpoints happen to open the doors for developers to be in the position of being able to interface with the Filecoin storage network. On its part, Ankr will be offering a geo-distributed Filecoin RPC containing Filecoin Lotus blockchain nodes spread out globally and coming with low latency, as well as dependable connections. The entity’s latest RPC enables builders to be able to link up with ease, to the Filecoin network, by doing away with complicated node ops. It also provides connectivity with the new-age tools. It also happens to be backing the Filecoin network.     

Scott Cook

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