Ankr updates its RPC service with Kava Network

The RPC services of Ankr have been integrated into the Kava Network. This will enable developers to construct upgradeable and interoperable dApps on Kava. In addition, users will have the ability to access the Kava ecosystem and prime RPCs, make calls, and receive information returns that are comparable to what they would get if they ran their own Kava full node.

The Kava Network is the first Layer 1 blockchain to integrate the developer support of Ethereum with the upgradability of the Cosmos SDK. Its exclusive co-chain framework enables developers to produce content for Web3 and other cutting-edge blockchain technologies using the Kava Network. The KAVA token is the standard governance and staking token associated with the Kava Network, which contributes to the network’s decentralization and security.

Through Ankr KAVA RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls), the Kava Network is connected to a user’s wallet, command-line interface, and dApps. They facilitate the exchange of on-chain data between Kava nodes, decentralized applications (dApps), and end users, allowing them to conduct transactions, replenish wallet balances, acquire ownership details, and more.

Kava RPC endpoints serve as a gateway for developers to establish a connection with Kava, a platform that facilitates communication. Ankr provides a geo-distributed Kava RPC composed of blockchain nodes that operate on a global scale, benefiting from consistently reliable connections and reduced latency.

Developing with Kava is a viable option for creating upgradeable and interoperable decentralized applications; however, connectivity to the data on Kava nodes is required to accomplish this. Ankr RPC eliminates the challenges faced by developers through the elimination of complex node operations.

Prime RPC from Ankr enables instantaneous connectivity with the most suitable application development tools, thereby accelerating application development. It facilitates the acceleration of open source software and applications that rely on Kava connectivity by connecting them to a collection of high-potential nodes that store the data necessary for constructing and executing decentralized applications with Kava chain capabilities.


Ankr will enhance the global Kava network through the provision of a more extensive decentralized node infrastructure and simplified development.

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