Ankr’s DePIN expansion: A new era for decentralized Web3 infrastructure

Ankr has again testified with rock-solid proof that they are pioneers in developing DePIN(Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks). The company is a specialist in leveraging idle cloud computing and physical hardware resources. This groundbreaking approach played a pivotal role in democratizing the internet and creating a resilient and efficient Web3 infrastructure. 

Ankr’s network offers many advantages, such as more node availability to manage RPC traffic, access to high-performance nodes, and expanded geographic coverage to bridge node resource gaps. It features unparalleled speed, reliability, and efficiency to meet the varied needs of its RPC service customers.

Ankr continues its success journey by decentralizing its DePin Ultra Sound Network. The company’s partnership with IoTeX leads to the development of more decentralized, efficient, and IoT-focused blockchain solutions. This partnership between two esteemed organizations can satisfy the increasing need for interoperable Web3 and DeFi services. 

Qevan Quo, CTO of IoTeX, shares his perspective on the partnership, “Our goal at IoTeX is to provide a modular platform that makes it simple for projects to further DePIN initiatives. This partnership with ANKR will provide DePIN builders access to more resources. Given the simplicity and effectiveness that these collaboration tools bring to the table, we are confident that many new DePIN projects will emerge by making both IoTeX and ANKR’s infrastructure easily available for any project”. 

Ankr and IoTeX are innovators in the blockchain landscape, and their partnership will impact diverse industries. This unique partnership helps strengthen and expand the infrastructure coverage.

The cooperation between Ankr and IoTeX will support a diverse array of IoT, on-chain AI, and other novel use cases. Ankr’s commitment to supporting the evolving needs of the blockchain community is reflected in this new joint venture. The top management of Ankr is excited about the availability of high-performance decentralized nodes through their Ultra Sound Infrastructure network. They plan to develop a cohesive DePIN experience for all network participants. This new development paves the way for the introduction of new utilities to the token, and its ultimate aim is to bolster network security and provide interactions for network participants.

ANKR token is a payment and reward denomination for network users and node providers. The relationship between these two industry veterans will drive growth and entice new participants. Industry experts believe this strategic partnership will enhance the network’s appeal and functionality. Both organizations are passionate about building a sustainable and thriving ecosystem where novelty and collaboration bloom. 

The idea behind the setting up of ANKR was harnessing idle cloud computing resources from all over the globe and repurposing them to transformative projects like machine learning, bitcoin, and the Internet of Things. ANKR’s DePIN is an essential utility for serving the vast and growing needs of the Web3 ecosystem. They ensure that Web3 applications can perform transactions and query wallet balances through remote procedure call requests.

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