Announcement About the Closure of Dash Latam in Latin America and Venezuela

Former Dash Latam provincial representatives in Venezuela and Latin America, have decided to continue with their work of supporting Dash in the local communities. They will be offering support and advice to the traders, who were left in the middle of nowhere after the closure of the organization’s activities in the region through face-to-face and remote mode.

Dash is one of the very few virtual currencies that is governed by a managing body and allows for investment in proposals that boost the usability of Dash.

Any ordinary individual, whether a merchant or not, can submit their proposal for the development of their project to boost the use of Dash for approval. Dash Latam was an organization that gave a good opportunity for commercial adoption in various towns of Venezuela and Latin America. This project featured many advocates of Dash who used to explain, counsel, and incentivize traders and customers to use Dash as a mode of payment.

The Dash Latam Proposal had to down its shutters in the Venezuela and Latin America region due to budget cuts. However, this is a stand-alone case, which does not have any effect on the use of Dash as virtual money.

Dash is virtual cash that is built on Bitcoin software. It offers a high level of financial confidentiality, instant transactions, decentralized management, and many more facilities.

Dash has a two-tier network system that keeps the transaction secure and anonymous, as opposed to Bitcoin transactions where the details of the sender and receiver are recorded. The money in this system is not kept in a bank; instead, it is kept money in a secure way, where full control is exercised. The greatest benefit of Dash is that the tool gives full privacy and also allows instant transactions.

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