Another-1 & AlterVerse join hands to enhance the virtual shopping experience

Phygital shopping spaces have made their way into the industry, with a few players leading the segment. Another-1 and AlterVerse have decided to deviate their joint efforts to improve the way customers shop in the metaverse. The primary objective of the partnership is to architect a new Another-1 skyscraper within the EpiCenter of Sky City.

The move is expected to complement the immersive gaming experience that is provided by AlterVerse.

Lionel Waymel, the phygital fashion designer, has expressed confidence in revolutionizing the fashion industry by partnering with AlterVerse. Both partners will bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds to make the experience more immersive. In other words, Another-1 and AlterVerse will bring the best of both worlds, combine them to make something innovative, and ensure that the best product is delivered to the ultimate customer.

Products to be listed in the offering include the apparel collections of Another-1 with lifelike detail. Customers will be able to try them on in the virtual world and enjoy the gameplay at the same time.

This partnership marks a major milestone for both partners and a significant turn for the phygital industry. Another-1 and AlterVerse have, therefore, announced to give away $1000 in prizes to 25 winners.

Another-1 relies on Web3 technology to remove entry barriers across the world, making the process transparent and accessible to everyone who wants to get on board. However, the offerings are currently restricted to the fashion industry only. Nonetheless, customers are sure to have a lot of surprises when they come across a perfect blend of shopping and gaming in the phygital setting.

Calling AlterVerse a revolutionary decentralized gaming platform, Another-1 has clarified that the partnership is crucial as it brings to the table a cutting-edge opportunity for the Web3 sphere.

What makes AlterVerse a perfect partner for Another-1 is its mechanism that is backed by Unreal Engine 5. Plus, its decentralized platform will enable users to interact and explore fashion linings in a unique manner.

It is pretty clear that the benefits will spread across customers and partners in the shopping and gaming space. One thing that is yet to be factored in is how well the partnership will change the course of the industry. Shopping experiences are meant to be interactive, accessible, and engaging. These are pre-included in the mission statement of the partnership. Sticking to it for the long term is going to make a difference.

Metaverse shopping experience would additionally assist partners in reaching a wider customer base without having to physically establish a store in their respective regions.

Fashion and gaming are coming together with the partnership between Another-1 and AlterVerse. Speculation is that it will set the trend for other players to follow. Tentatively, more partners could be added in the days to come to offer a wider collection to shopping and gaming enthusiasts. 

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