Another Big Leap: NASA Teams Up With Blockchain Based Entertainment Platform has announced that they are entering a partnership with NASA through a Tweet on 1st May 2019.

The spokesperson of has said that they are excited about the partnership so that people can watch live events of NASA through them. Theta blockchain will power these events. The viewers will feel as if they are watching the TFUEL channels. He further said that depending on the demands, they will start a dedicated channel for NASA in the long run. is a video streamlining platform that allows customers to view, share and record e-games. The company has its headquarters in Cupertino, California. It has raised $36 million through funding. The main market competitor of the company is BoomTV, EON and NextVR. Currently, they are followed by 5.5K people on Tweeter and has 210.3 thousand fans on Facebook.

Recently the company has earned 20 million dollars through ICO of digital currency intending to improve the bandwidth of esports streams. The viewers will get to watch superior quality videos, and the computer user will earn Theta coins, the native coin of

Theta is mainly used for rewards when any activity happens on the network. The coin was created with an ambition to solve the problem of the video content world. It is an open source network used to power the decentralized streamline network.

The co-founder of Youtube and media advisor of theta, Steven Chen has said theta is set to disrupt the online video industry of the present day. The condition has a match with Youtube of 2005 for the way it changed the traditional video industry.

The issue with the current Streaming model is high cost and cheap quality video. believes CDN lacks in reaching out to the audience because of buffering, pause and low-quality content. It also thinks theta can provide a solution to this problem by providing a new standard for bandwidth distribution.

The viewers can enjoy high-quality videos, and the computer user will earn Theta token. These tokens can be used for buying and selling virtual items. Fans receive theta token every day by merely logging on to the platform. About one million theta tokens have been presented to twenty-four streamers by the users. The tokens can be utilised for fund campaigns and backing content creators in the future.

The market capitalization value of theta is $85,245,295 USD and in last 24 hours its volume is $2,912,050 USD.

Ruti Vora

Ruti regularly contributes in-depth news articles for leading cryptocurrencies. She contributes technical chart-based price updates and analysis pieces on the world's leading digital currencies.

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