Another Milestone for; Now Adds Blockstack Apps To Its Platform

The world of decentralized blockchain technology keeps bringing exciting innovations and collaborations regularly to get the users hooked on to it. Recently, one such partnership has taken place between and Blockstack PBC.

In its official announcement on Twitter dated 18th April 2019, the much-loved decentralized application platform has disclosed its decision to partner with Blockstack which will let users to seamlessly access all the decentralized applications built on the Blockstack network on its platform.

The partnership was confirmed by Blockstack PBC as well. Muneeb Ali, the CEO of Blockstack PBC, tweeted saying,

In its official blog, Blockstack has stated that it is exciting to get listed on the ever-growing platform of For those who are new to the decentralized space, Blockstack is a decentralized network to create an open as well as the decentralized ecosystem that focuses on giving users the maximum security, privacy, and freedom through its decentralized applications. It is dedicated to protecting the primary digital rights of both the developers and users.

The decentralized applications that would be available on the dApp discovery arena would be a mix of everything – right from the general purpose applications to the decentralized finance (or DeFi as it is called popularly) ones. Users would be able to easily discover, share, save and do much more with the Blockstack apps based on their preferences and the applications’ quality and utility.

Some of the Blockstack apps listed on include the following:

  • DECS – An app organizer that organizes the decentralized and encrypted code snippets
  • Cineflick – A dApp to fulfill your daily dose of movies
  • Entaxy – Your personal finance decentralized application
  • Travelstack – Decentralized social network and photo diary
  • Air Text – Application to create your very decentralized blog
  • Scannie – dApp to scan & secure your important documents
  • Humans – Lets your build your distinct web profile in minutes
  • Friendlink – A dApp to help you stay connected with blockchain professionals
  • Agora – Your means to a decentralized marketplace
  • Diffuse – Music player linked to the distributed storage
  • Cryptocracy – It’s a democratized crowdfunding that’s powered by Blockstack & Bitcoin
  • DotPodcast – A Podcast protocol for the decentralized web
  • Breakout – A Brick Breaker game of decentralized nature
  • Dirua – A universal cryptocurrency wallet
  • Clickbox – An encrypted and decentralized bookmark manager

You can discover more Blockstack applications here. is a leading decentralized platform that offers dApps such as blockchain games, social networks, and much more that are built on a number of blockchain protocols including Ethereum, TRON, EOS, Steem, and TomoChain (TOMO). Now Blockstack is the latest entrant to have joined this esteemed list. works towards its mission of simplifying technology while inspiring and helping both the users as well as developers to open up to this newer space with thorough confidence. Their primary goal has enabled them to find and include more and more useful dApps out into space, so users get the ultimate benefits.


Upon this development, Blockstack PBC’s Head of Growth – Patrick Stanley was quoted saying,

“We’re confident Blockstack apps will stand out for their utility and usability, and help bridge the educational gap that stands between users and a better Internet where they’re in control.”

This collaboration will boost the visibility of all the Blockstack applications significantly in addition to providing the developers with the necessary motivation to go on building more innovative dApps. At the same time, decentralized app community and enthusiasts are hopeful that increasing number of dApps platforms come forward with productive ideas so that users can get the highest quality and utility dApps in the near future.

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