Antmons MOBA Enters a Partnership With AFKDAO

The MOBA adventure gaming metaverse Antmons is partnering with AFKDAO to enhance its Play-to-Earn environment. It will also act as a gateway for investors to reach the Antmons metaverse in the future. And what is more, the DAO will allow community members to vote on portfolio games, strategies, and guilds to tune them based on community interest.

Antmons is a blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming metaverse developed by Antmon Entertainment. The game allows players to access the tiny insects known as Antmons to go on a metaverse adventure. Users of the metaverse stand a chance to win exciting NFTs as rewards for participating in Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas in the metaverse.

Depending on their combat skills, the available Antmons are sorted into various categories, namely Spayer, Archer, Tank, AOE, and Thrower. The game allows players to loot and summon various items for themselves and their guilds. Moreover, they can form alliances and teams to fight others for more exciting rewards.

Antmons is one of the leading projects in GameFi, thanks to the standard brought in by former developers from Clash of Clans, Supercell, and Roblox. In addition to metaverse and blockchain, the game also adds live game interaction. Antmons ecosystem is also known for a robust economy with self-stabilization abilities thanks to a competent development team.

Now, the gaming metaverse furthers its expansion plans with a partnership from AFKDAO. The project was started to offer a smart way for audiences and platforms to reach the metaverse and DeFi. Particularly, the initiative is working towards encouraging the play-to-earn economies in the crypto ecosystem with cutting-edge tools and protocols.

To this end, the DAO has developed game assets and play-to-earn automation strategies that can be implemented in games, guilds, and other projects. Moreover, the protocols from AFKDAO also act as a gateway to access investment opportunities from gaming and metaverse projects.

More importantly, with this partnership, Antmons will have DAO governance giving the community the chance to vote on various decisions regarding games, portfolio, and strategies. The DAO will work towards creating the largest syndicate in the Antmons metaverse. The syndicate will be offering exclusive prizes, benefits, and rewards to the members.

The AFKDAO comes with its native token, AFK, which is foundational for its plans in the Antmons metaverse. Users can mint AFK tokens to earn special badges that offer exclusive rights and benefits within the game. The tokens would be pooled to bring incentives and bonuses to the holders as AFKDAO becomes the largest DAO in the metaverse. Users can also contribute to the AFKDAO governance proposals by holding AFK tokens. 

The project hopes to go full-in into the metaverse as it believes in the potential of the play-to-earn economy. Antmons, on the other hand, believes that this AFKDAO will be a provider of “liquidity, extensibility, and decentralization for the game.”

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