Antonyms Closes Partnership Deal with NowhereDAO

The growth of the crypto space in the last few years needs no explanation. Moreover, the number of NFT, GameFi, and DEX projects has exceeded 10,000, and the crypto industry is pacing swiftly towards doubling it in the next few months. In an area as digitized as cryptos, the need for data aggregation becomes a significant area to power up various operations. NowhereDAO, which was developed with a similar idea in mind, expands its network through a new partnership with Antmons.

NowhereDAO is a decentralized anonymous organization that comprises developers and crypto enthusiasts worldwide. This community of various races and ethnicities collects data from the community and helps projects bring an inclusive environment. The project was launched to exploit the power of communities to better the crypto space and achieve goals of accessibility. The platform has formed a new partnership with Antmons, the NFT gaming project, to put its “information aggregation and value realization” goals to use.

For those unfamiliar, Antmons is a GameFi startup that hinges itself on the emerging concept of the metaverse. The project is owned and run entirely by the community. The game has a Play-to-Earn model that allows one to earn from playing guild battles and participating in real-time tournaments. The game allows you to form your teams called guilds with the tiny insectoid avatars known as Antmons. These avatars are classified into Spayer, Tank, Archer, AOE, and Thrower based on their combat powers. Antmons also allows you to join clans or communities.

Through this project, Antmons will receive community support from the DAO platform. Apart from that, the gaming project will embrace the motto of eradicating racial, ethnic, or other forms of hindrances in accessing the opportunities of the GameFi. NowhereDAO will bring community-driven insights and guidance for the users of Antmons to make the most of project features to their end. The DAO is best known for its ideas of bringing values to every community user through “sustainable income, mutual fairness, health and harmony among all members”. Such addition will be of greater benefit for a gaming project like Antmons.

Furthermore, Antmons will just be the ground for NowhereDAO to implement and bring exposure to its value realization projects. The game has already been working towards expanding its strategic network. Only recently, Antmons sealed a deal with KuCoin ventures for funds, guidance, and tools for its future endeavors. The community of encryptors will also be a great asset for this community-owned project. But, most importantly, this begins a trend in the crypto industry that looks at different spectrums like accessibility and inclusiveness.

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