AnySwap Enters Into a Strategic Partnership With Harmony

This collaboration with AnySwap is exciting for Harmony since it provides Bitcoin bridge to harmony. Harmony is a blockchain that is both speedy and accessible. Its platform runs Ethereum apps with transactions certainty of two seconds and costs a hundred times lower. Harmony’s safe bridges allow for cross-chain asset transactions With Ethereum, Binance, and a host of other chains.

Harmony is a robust online system for asset management, collections, access control, and administration. State sharding and peer-to-peer connectivity are two of Harmony’s fundamental features. Its sharding employs safe proof-of-stake and decentralized randomization, and its network allows for optimum cross-shard connectivity and quick transaction transmission.

Harmony assists firms in creating exchangeable tokens (such as energy credits and reward points) and non-fungible asset markets (like game collectibles and real estate).

Harmony uses zero-knowledge protocols to share information while preserving the confidentiality of customers. Advertising exchanges, credit scores, and various other data coalitions that would typically take years to establish among rival enterprises are examples of common industrial usage scenarios.

AnySwap is a completely decentralized cross-chain swapping technology that grants access to a cross-chain bridging solution to every blockchain that supports EdDSA or ECDSA as an encryption algorithm. Since its introduction on July 20, 2020, Anyswap has implemented cross-chain bridges for over five hundred projects and created eighteen chains. AnySwap’s Multichain Router V3 beta mainnet was released more than three months ago, and this multichain router offers three key features: 

  • Non-custodial+MPC
  • Multichain Router
  • Native Swap

These features allow customers to change among two chains at will, lowering fees and simplifying the switch between chains.

To date, six assets have been published on Harmony via Anyswap:

Overall, both parties will benefit from this partnership. Customers worldwide have been overjoyed to learn that they would be able to conduct secure crypto transactions while still being assured of their anonymity. Numerous users are aware that more assets will be released on Harmony shortly; therefore, remain tuned, so you don’t miss out!

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