Anza by engineers from Solana Labs goes live

Jeff Washington has introduced Anza, a new software development firm. It will work to strengthen the Solana network and fuel the adoption of SVM, an acronym for Solana Virtual Machine. What makes Anza a reliable option is the fact that it has been architected with efforts from some of the top executives and engineers from Solana Labs.

The ideal goal of Anza is to build Agave, a forked validator client. It is expected to contribute to major Solana protocols. The focus of Anza extends to maximizing the uptime of Solana Network and preparing the launch of clients, including, but not limited to, Firedancer.

Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer of the software development firm Anza. He has said that the time was right to introduce the firm since SVM is prolifer and the launch of new protocols and DAOs is rising in the Solana ecosystem. Jeff further believes that launching Anza, or rather, introducing it to the market, has taken them one step closer to making the Solana network more decentralized and credible.

The focus of the team behind Anza also covers improving different aspects of the ecosystem, like token extensions and Solana permissioned environments.

Core engineers from Solana Labs working at Anza are Pankaj Garg, Amber Christiansen, Jed Halfon, Stephen Akridge, Jon Cinque, and Jeff Washington.

Members of the Solana community are looking forward to how developments are rolled out. Most of them are confident that increasing the number of validator clients will do better for the ecosystem. Others have said that they are bullish about the future, and some have congratulated the team for coming up with the project.

However, a reflection of that optimism is yet to be seen on the native token of Solana, SOL. The token is down by 2.31% in the last 24 hours, exchanging hands at $100.60 at the time of writing this piece. The crisis is not limited to SOL; it also extends to WEN. The token has plummeted despite the supply being reduced by 27%. Many believe that burning the tokens turned out to be a sell the news event.

The price of SOL has jumped by 18.06% in the last 7 days and based on our Solana price prediction, the price of SOL could cross the $110 mark soon. 

Circling back to Anza, its announcement may not have positively affected the tokens of Solana. The project is poised to fetch results in the times to come. A new Solana-focused software development firm is determined to contribute to major protocols based on the network. Top executives and engineers from Solana are at work to not just strengthen the network but also facilitate the adoption of SVM and construct the next generation of Web3 protocols.

More details about Anza are awaited and likely to be made public in the days to come. It could come with a tentative roadmap or work that the team has lined up in the short and long term.

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