AO ArtBall hooks fanbase to 2023 Australian Open whereabouts

AO ArtBall is currently in the process of creating new and fresh ways and means of the overall viewing of the game of tennis. It is also teaching new ways for players and users to experience the game like never before, with the addition of freshly created avenues and methods to bring more excitement to the game. Members can either hold the Artballs by taking them from the ‘22 collection or by joining the fresh drop of 2454 NFTs this year.

Furthermore, each Artball is connected to the plots of the Australian Open Tennis court. However, as soon as any winning shot takes place from any one of the 400 matches of the tournament on any of the Artball’s plots, few things occur.

They are:-

  • NFT gets updated and teaches almost near a real-time update showing all the highlighted match information.
  • The owner of Artball can get a 3D visualization of the winning.
  • The Artball is highlighted with a holographic sticker, showing that it gained a match point.

There are certain places and situations where total transparency is the need of the hour. Along with that, a certain amount of fairness is also required in terms of the players, which they have successfully achieved with the effective and proper utilization of Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). However, this has assisted in the randomization of plot assignments. 

Furthermore, in this very situation, and according to the rules of the game, a certain amount of randomness is highly required to ensure complete fair play, where the player’s satisfaction is concerned. Coupled with that, it also helps bring about a certain amount of clarity to the game. Therefore, it becomes imperative to properly understand the role and responsibility of the Chainlink VRF in this scenario. 


Its main and primary function remains that it provides all of the AO ArtBall owners the knowledge and satisfaction that when one speaks of randomness, which is utilized in assigning court plots, it is random. The suggestion also extends to the fact that it has not been manipulated in any which way. In this very way, all of the connected players and users of AO ArtBall are left feeling certain that monitoring the game they are engaging in is truly trustworthy and ultimately verifiable.

Trevor Holman

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