As Apecoin hype fades, crypto whales flock to Polkadot & Borroe

The crypto world is extremely volatile and unpredictable; some projects never live enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. ApeCoin (APE), for instance, which had generated hype among investors, is rapidly losing ground to new projects with greater room for growth. 

Meanwhile, Polkadot (DOT) and Borroe (ROE) establish themselves as top performers in the dynamic crypto industry, attracting the attention of crypto whales. Read on to find out why crypto whales are flocking to DOT and ROE. 

Borroe unlocks funding for web3 content creators

Web3 is one of the fastest-growing industries. While people have been generating content online for many years now, they used to do so for free. Web3 is a new era that returns value to the people generating value, whether it is by uploading videos or photos online, sharing their artistic creations, or playing a game. 

More and more businesses take advantage of the Web3 niche – such as DeFi platforms, NFT marketplaces, Web3 gaming platforms, or subscription-based services, such as podcasts or articles, among many others. These businesses depart from the traditional business models, so they often do not qualify for traditional financing. 

Borroe is the world’s first Web3 blockchain invoice and recurring revenue NFT marketplace. This game-changing platform allows content creators and Web3 businesses to convert their upcoming payments (such as subscriptions) into collateral for immediate cash to fund their operations, develop, or improve their services. 

Essentially, this is possible by minting fractionalized NFTs backed by the sources of future income and selling them on the Borroe platform. Investors seeking higher but stable returns compared to traditional investments buy these NFTs, which have a predetermined date for returning the loan. 

Essentially, anyone can fund the NFTs – from investors and traders to specific businesses’ own communities of supporters. Also, the NFTs are tradable on secondary markets, providing exciting profit opportunities for traders. 

Borroe’s native token, ROE, is currently in its presale stage, offering investors a lucrative opportunity to become part of this unique journey at an early stage. With each presale phase, the ROE price increases, implying significant potential gains for those investing sooner rather than later.

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Polkadot enjoys bullish market sentiment

Polkadot ended Q2 on a positive note, recording an increase in development activity and unique accounts. While it hasn’t yet registered significant increases, the hype around blockchain interoperability will likely propel DOT to new highs as a leader in this field. 

In addition, the upcoming Polkadot 2.0 may sway the price trend toward a more definitive bull run. The update could be a game-changer for the Polkadot blockchain, boasting features like greater flexibility, optimization, and improved scalability while maintaining affordability. 

Undoubtedly, the growing popularity of Polkadot is also linked to the expanding DeFi (Decentralized Finance) sector and the ongoing demand for interoperability in the blockchain space. Crypto whales have noted, and there’s been a surge in DOT transactions, signaling a potential capital shift from other tokens.

Apecoin hype fades away

While Apecoin had an impressive run with significant hype and soaring prices, its momentum seems to be slowing down. Crypto whales, always on the hunt for the next big opportunity, are seemingly shifting their attention and resources toward high-growth tokens like ROE. 

In Q2 2023, the APE price shed over 30% in value. This was potentially triggered by unlocking over 50 million APE coins, increasing the selling pressure. In addition, all key metrics of APE decreased in Q2, and the coin’s valuation ended the quarter with an over 90% drop from its all-time high. 


As Apecoin’s hype recedes, the focus seems to shift toward more promising and innovative projects like Borroe and Polkadot. Borroe’s unique proposition as the first Web3 blockchain invoice and recurring revenue NFT marketplace places it at a vantage point to potentially outperform others in the market. With its pioneering role in the Web3 space and the burgeoning interest from crypto whales, Borroe has all it takes to be the next big thing in the world of cryptocurrencies.

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