API3’s oracle stack accessible on inEVM connecting dAPIs

API3’s oracle stack is now accessible on inEVM, with builders gaining from connecting with decentralized data feeds (dAPIs) and the upcoming OEV network. The data feeds are boosted by oracle nodes, run by data suppliers. 

Through the introduction of OEV network protocols utilizing decentralized data feeds positioned on inEVM, a vertical incorporation of services for repossessing REV will be created. 

inEVM is the initial Ethereum virtual vehicle capable of getting real composability throughout various networks such as Cosmos and Solana, Injective, and Ethereum. inEVM has been created through a joint effort by Injective and Caldera and stands for a step towards blockchain interoperability, enabling the builders of Ethereum to incorporate their protocols throughout ecosystems. 

All of this helps further the boundaries of their applications and connect with the vast network and user base at the disposal of Injective, creating an array of options for overall growth and inventiveness. The capacity of inEVM for allowing real cross-chain composability helps in strengthening builders to develop complicated and interlinked dApps, resulting in the improvement made on the functions of the decentralized web. 

Injective, on its own part, is a strong platform in the blockchain space, coming with unique models, such as a totally decentralized order book for builders to use for creating exclusive applications. It has been created on Cosmos SDK and utilizes the tendermint proof of stake consensus infrastructure. 


Injective offers almost immediate transaction finality and initiates accelerated cross-chain transactions through prime networks, which include Ethereum, Solana, and Cosmos Hub. Its ecosystem consists of an active linkup of decentralized applications to release high-end DeFi user exposure.

Scott Cook

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