Apple Credit Cards To Be Kept Away From Leather And Denim, Says Apple

One of the biggest developments this year in the financial world has been the launch of the Apple credit card earlier this month. Over the past decade and a half, the tech giant has entered a range of different businesses and managed to turn it around altogether. The Apple Credit Card, produced in partnership with Goldman Sachs could eventually prove to be one such. While customers can use the card digitally at all times, they also have the option of opting for the physical titanium card. The digital version has already gone into use since yesterday, but Apple has now issued warnings about the correct method to store and handle the physical card.

According to reports, it has emerged that Apple has warned that the physical credit card could be damaged easily and should be kept away from leather as well as denim. The company stated that close contact with leather or denim could lead to permanent discoloration. Because plenty of people use leather card cases, it is a pertinent warning and will also be a bit of an inconvenience for those who have opted for the physical card. That being said, it needs to be pointed out that the physical Apple credit card is a highly advanced specimen. The name of the cardholder and the Apple logo has been etched into the card using lasers. However, close contact with leather or denim might lead to permanent discoloration.

On the other hand, the multi-layer coating process that has been added to the card is also in danger of being damaged if it comes into contact with other cards. Hence, Apple has suggested that the card should be kept on its own and away from other cards. However, the question remains that if the card cannot be kept in a leather cardholder or wallet, then how are customers going to keep the card? Apple has stated that the card should be kept in a container made out of some soft material other than leather and it remains to be seen how customers adapt to these instructions. People are used to carrying their credit cards in a certain way and if the physical card proves to be such a hassle, then the customer might prefer to use the digital version from their phones.

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