Apple Introduces CryptoKit For Its iOS 13

The world of digital currency is sure gaining increasing popularity even with the giant tech companies. The latest reports suggesting that Apple has unveiled CryptoKit for its iOS 13 is proof of that. As per the reports, Apple has introduced CryptoKit, which is still in the beta version at its ongoing WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference). Apart from the Kit, the company has also launched 4 bitcoin logos in its new icon set.

The announcement was made by Frederic Jacobs on Twitter, a team member of Apple’s security engineering and cryptographic department, on 3rd June 2019. He stated that this CryptoKit would be a secure, fast, and swift API that would let users carry out cryptographic operations. The kit will enable easy integration of operations such as hashing, encryption, and key generation into the iOS applications.

Viktor Radchenko, TrustWallet’s Founder, also came forward to express his opinions on this new development. He tweeted Apple’s move could mean that the company might be readying itself to offer complete hardware wallet functions shortly.

As per the official documentation about CryptoKit released by the company, developers will be able to:

  • Compare as well as compute secure digests cryptographically
  • Utilize public-key cryptography to develop and evaluate the digital signatures in addition to performing the key exchange. While it allows one to work with keys that are stored in the memory, it also facilitates the use of private keys that are managed by and stored in Apple’s Secure Enclave.
  • Generate and use symmetric keys in various operations such as message encryption and verification.

The documentation reveals that CryptoKit will free the app from the task of raw pointer management. Moreover, it will automatically perform tasks that will increase the security level of the app.

A piece of detailed information on CryptoKit will be provided on 5th June 2019 in another WWDC session, stated Frederic.

Earlier in February this year, Apple’s rival Samsung took the first steps towards crypto integration. The company integrated a hardware wallet that allows the storage of private keys in its popular flagship smartphone.

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