Apple Mobile Devices to be Supplied to Australian Businesses by Macquarie

The biggest tech companies in the world have grown immensely over the course of the past two decades by signing deals that make it possible for them to take their products to all concerns of the globe. It is no different for Apple, which has produced some of the most popular products during this period. Corporate deals are perhaps the best way of pushing sales of products like the iPads and iPhones, among other products, which is why Apple has pushed for such deals over the years with key distributors. In a new development, it has entered into an agreement with Australian telecommunication giant Macquarie Telecom by way of which the latter will supply Apple products to businesses in Australia.

The company has entered into a deal to supply iPads, iPhones as well as customized and popular iOS applications that are generally used by businesses. This is a highly important deal for Apple since it opens up a huge new opportunity to get into the enterprise mobility market in Australia. The market has been growing by leaps and bounds for the better part of the last few years, which is why it could eventually prove to be a highly prudent deal. Moreover, it will also be a big thing for smaller and middle-sized businesses in Australia, who will now have access to some of the best enterprise solutions that the tech giant has come up with over the year.

The Macquarie Telecom group executive Luke Clifton spoke about the importance of the deal for Australian businesses as well. He said,

We’re backing the best devices for business coupled with native apps that will see our customers become more mobile, increase productivity, and solve more business problems.

Macquarie Telecom stated that initially that in the initial stage’s businesses will be provided with the most popular Apple enterprise applications and devices, before moving on to staged enrolment into Apple Business Manager. Clifton stated,

Mobility used to be an afterthought, but that is changing as enterprises’ needs change. This move will see business mobility become a business-leading area of our company.

It is a significant development for business in Australia since now they will be able to get these services at a relatively lower cost than what they used to pay earlier. On the other hand, Apple will also be able to get into a lucrative sector.

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