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Apple Participate In Third-Party Solar Certification Program in Taiwan and Singapore

Apple Participate In Third-Party Solar Certification Program in Taiwan and Singapore

Solar energy is now one of the most important projects for governments all over the world as they try to shed their dependence from sources of energy that might be damaging to the environment. To that end, solar energy has now become one of the most important sources of energy and many of the world’s biggest companies are now jumping into the sector. It is believed that solar energy could eventually become a massive sector in the years to come and it is only natural for some of the biggest tech companies to lay their foundations early. In a new development, tech giant Apple has entered the sector in a big way and the news about its collaboration in projects in Asia has been unveiled today.

The whole thing is overseen by the Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), which is also in charge of renewable energy projects in the continent of Asia, has decided to expand the number of projects. It is all part of the Green-e certification program that is managed by the CRS. The new projects, which are going to be located in Taiwan and Singapore, will see the involvement of Apple in a big way. For the tech giant, it is an important development as it tries to diversify heavily in light of the different requirement of the future. The Executive Director of CRS, Jennifer Martin said,

CRS is excited to launch its Green-e renewable energy standard in Singapore and Taiwan with Apple’s support. The new Singapore and Taiwan standards and Apple’s pilot projects will create opportunities to rapidly increase renewable energy development and adoption throughout Asia.

Apple has had solar projects of varying sizes of its own, but this is the first time that it is participating in a solar program of any kind with a third party. It is going to be a challenge of its own for the company and it is also going to be closely watched by investors. If the project proves to be a success then the company can pick up more such lucrative projects in the rest of the world. As it is, there are many countries which are planning to flag off their solar projects in the years to come and if Apple can place itself in that industry, then it could prove to be quite lucrative.

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