Aptos and Lotte Group join hands for Bellyland Universe

Aptos has announced that it has partnered with Lotte Group with the objective of supporting the Group’s venture in the Web3 sphere. The partnership centers around helping the Korean venture’s Daehong Communications leave a mark in the said field. Aptos has been chosen for its ability to provide much-needed support to the reward system.

Lotte Group is a conglomerate that is based in Korea. Web3 is an emerging ecosystem whose embrace can be delayed but not ignored. Korea Group is taking a step to make the most of it while still in the initial phase. Aptos is tasked with helping Lotte Group’s Daehong Communications test its marketing tools for the community.

Bellyland Universe is the premise on which the partnership resides. Together, they will support the reward system on Aptos mainnet, making sure that players are left only with an enhanced and rewarding experience at the end. The reward system is known as Super Jelly. Aptos comes into the picture with the intention of supporting its backend technology.

The reward can be earned by players only by completing Jelly Adventures. Other ways to earn Super Jelly are completing missions within the universe and playing as many games as possible.

Aptos has said in the announcement that they are ready to support the rewarding mechanism while also expressing that they will support the expansion of Bellygom’s universe. It is unclear if expansion refers to its entry into more geographical locations or more players entering the ecosystem. It is rather safe to assume that Aptos will be with the Bellyland Universe even when more players are onboard the space.

This means the partnership between Aptos and Lotte Group – as a whole – will go on to the extent to which the virtual universe scales in terms of the number of players.

Aptos has expressed its excitement in exploring all the innovations pertaining to Web3 along with Lotte Group. There is a chance that more aspects of the Korean conglomerate will join the list in the days to come. It may be a speculation, but the chances are pretty wide.

Community members have responded positively to this development. Some members have said that Aptos has started to drop a big announcement every day instead of every week, as everyone had thought would happen. Others have expressed the greatness of Aptos in the comment section of the announcement.

The layer-1 blockchain is looking to organize Aptos Hack event. It will be hosted by Singapore from September 11, 2023, to September 13, 2023. Titled Hack Singapore 2023, the event has its doors opened for those who are interested in joining the event. The event is sponsored by Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, GSR, and Jump Crypto.


Circling back to Aptos and Lotte Group’s partnership, the deal is live per the announcement. Effects of the same may become visible in the days to come.

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