Aptos Foundation to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud

Aptos Foundation is initiating a collaboration with Alibaba Cloud, which is an integral part of Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud is the digital technology and intelligence division. The association will bring about the power of connectivity with Web3 in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Aptos Foundation is the designated sponsor of the blockchain initiative within the Innovation Accelerator Program of Alibaba Cloud. In addition to the ecosystem supporting potential Aptos building initiatives, the organization will furnish builder resources.

The two projects together will introduce the initial co-branded Move developer community in Asia. The co-branded Move developer community in Asia will provide impetus to a smart contract programming language created for the masses. They will also come together for hackathons and local events to further the Web3 community.

Alibaba Cloud has entrusted Aptos Foundation to serve as the blockchain sponsor for all Web3-focused initiatives included in the Alibaba Cloud Singapore Innovation Accelerator Program. The program provides professionals and large corporations a platform to exchange practical knowledge and ideas. Additionally, it facilitates access to cutting-edge cloud-based technologies that contribute to the development of additional innovative enterprises in Singapore.

Aptos Foundation, on its part, will be offering funding backing for the ecosystem along with know-how for prospective Aptos-oriented projects.

Alibaba makes provision for an upgradeable and safe cloud framework to support the advancement of the Aptos ecosystem and encourage openness with regard to the international digital economy. As per the understanding, Aptos Foundation will function in tandem with Alibaba Cloud for the introduction of the initial co-branded Move developer community in Asia, speeding up the mass acceptance of smart contract programming languages in the area. 

Facebook, now known as Meta, created the Move programming language. The purpose was to enhance its abilities and power the Web3 safety features via the continuous improvements carried out on the developer’s exposure and language. It has gained immense popularity in Asia. Currently, both entities are connecting the Move community throughout the APAC area in preparation for the next stage of Web3. 

Bashar Lazar of Aptos Foundation Ecosystems and Grants states that in addition to their work promoting widespread adoption in the APAC region, Aptos Foundation Ecosystems and Grants is enthusiastic about establishing a formal partnership with Alibaba Cloud to support innovative ideas for aspiring developers.

Aptos Foundation, for its part, will continue to collaborate with Alibaba Cloud to develop additional features, such as hackathons and events that facilitate skill-based networking and connection among the APAC developer community.


Alibaba Cloud was established in 2009 and is known to be third in line amongst the top IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) service providers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching co-founded Aptos Labs to provide enhanced network tooling and utility to introduce the advantages of decentralization to everyone.

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