Aptos Labs announce a partnership with Microsoft

Aptos Labs has announced that it is partnering with Microsoft. The objective is to boost adoption and onboarding to Web3 under the umbrella of participating in the transition. The world is headed to Web3 from Web2, and Aptos Labs is looking forward to making its contribution along with the backing of Microsoft. Both will leverage the potential of AI-related tools, offering the same to developers and users across the world.

The idea is to lower the efforts that it takes for them to get started with Web3. As for developers, the partnership on Aptos Network will enable them to develop and deploy decentralized applications and smart contracts. While the entire list has not been made public, the one that is known to be a part of the ecosystem is Aptos Assistant.

That is a user-friendly mechanism that will help developers onboarding new users to the sphere of Web3. Meaning the majority of the purpose will be solved with Aptos Assistance. It will be powered by Microsoft AI and Aptos as natural language assistance. Creators can use the same to construct their dApps and smart contracts, with dApps referring to decentralized applications.

One of the sectors that Microsoft and Aptos Labs are going to explore is a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Decentralized Finance. That is AI and DeFi. Both fields are emerging trends, with DeFi largely gaining momentum amid the transition to the decentralized Internet.

Innovations to be explored will include asset tokenization, Central Bank Digital Currencies, and payment systems, among many others. The goal here is to accelerate the adoption of Web3 beyond financial institutions, take it to individuals, and boost inclusion. Aptos is also coming up as a perfect launch pad with an aim to satisfy the needs of the community pertaining to global currency solutions.

Aptos Network gains from the partnership via fortified security. Microsoft and Aptos Labs coming together will bring the aspect of security to the network as the final and most important offering for the network. Microsoft brings to the table its reliability and infrastructure. A validator node will be run on Azure by Aptos. 

It could look like a win for Aptos alone; however, the users of the Internet are on the gaining side as well. For instance, they get support while moving up the ladder, that is, from Web2 to Web3. Aptos Labs has called this a new era while expressing its pride in working with the likes of Aptos Network and Microsoft.

The community has responded positively to this development, with many members congratulating the team for achieving this feat. Others have called it a great partnership and asked if there is any way for them to get started on the platform.

A journey from Web2 to Web3 is being felt by the community. Every venture involved in the process is simply aiming to make it seamless to the extent that it becomes unnoticeable, or rather seamless, for all the users.

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