Aptos labs inks deals with several companies to nurture Aptos Ascend

Aptos Labs, a prime blockchain framework builder, has inked calculated deals with multiple businesses to breathe life into Aptos Ascend. 

In the case of Aptos Ascend, it is a digital asset-controlling platform dedicated to financial institutions. It will utilize Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing base, and an Azure OpenAI Service, a language module. It can fortify generative AI applications. 

Additionally, it will be using Brevan Howard’s market investment know-how to support financial institutions in providing customers with digital currency and asset-controlling solutions. Further to that will be SK Telecom’s web3 technology, like wallet-as-a-service functions. 

Aptos Labs took the initiative of connecting with the Boston Consulting Group, a company known to have generated $12.3 billion in the form of revenue in 2023 in the role of an associate consultant. The platform intends to provide decentralised finance to institutional capital via the Aptos Network and boost tokenized asset liquidity, among other objectives. 

According to the Co-Founder and CEO of Aptos Labs, Mo Shaikh, it is essential for international institutions to have higher grades of compliance, as well as safety features, trust factors and inventiveness. This is about rendering solutions to clients running their business overseas and always complying with the set rules. 

Through the multi-level deal with SK Telecom, Brevan Howard, and Microsoft, Aptos Ascend will offer global financial institutions, banks and tech-oriented money markets an active and safe pathway towards decentralized finance on Aptos that will keep adapting with time. 

Over and above that, Aptos Labs inked a deal with Microsoft sometime in August last year to build digital payments, tokenization, and the crossroads of AI and Web3. 

Aptos Labs has its head office in Palo Alto, California. The Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of the company, Avery Ching, was employed as a principal software engineer at Meta Novi, which is a digital wallet platform, which has currently downed its shutters.  

The company’s conventional token, APT, was trading at $9.19. This is following a 1.14% rise. Where ranking is concerned, the cryptocurrency stands in the 26th position, having a market capitalization of $3.9 billion.

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