AR Rahman teases his upcoming music platform on Hedera

AR Rahman, a globally renowned music composer, has teased his upcoming music platform on X. He has called it a new voyage, stating that it is their mission to the Secret Mountain. Rahman has also acknowledged in his post the contribution that Hedera and Web3 are making to the development. He has not shed much light but has asked his fans to tune in on February 14, 2024, for more updates.

The Hedera community has received this announcement well. They have welcomed him to the HBAR Family, adding that the future of Hedera is brighter than ever.

AR Rahman may have officially ventured into the terrain of Web3, but Hedera has spent a lot of time in this segment. As a matter of fact, its native token, HBAR, has gone up by 6.54% in the last 24 hours. It is now listed at $0.0773, reflecting a jump of 12.70% in the last 7 days. After the HBAR Foundation announced that Reality+ had chosen it as an exclusive network, an association with Rahman became official.

Hedera is now tasked with providing the best digital collectible solutions for its clients across the world, including BBC Studios. Reality+ functions to assist its clients, helping them navigate their way around the transition to Web3 via immersive experiences including, but not limited to, games and the metaverse.

Reality+ will now use Hedera as an exclusive partner for all its projects. Reality+ has chosen Hedera based on its functionality and market-leading performance. In return, Reality+ has committed to minting 1.4 million digital collectibles on the network that gamers across its portfolio have already bought.

Another recent development for the HBAR Foundation is endorsing HashPack Wallet’s initiative to promote the NFTs of creators. HashPack has committed that it will increase the visibility of thousands of daily active users. All a creator has to do is mint their collections on SentX or TierBot AI. NFL collections will then automatically feature on HashPack. Additionally, Hedera continues to assist countries in fulfilling the climate commitments they made at COP28.

An association with AR Rahman is a way forward for Hedera. It will likely appear more in India, where AR Rahman has a large fan base. Plus, it showcases how the world of music blends with Web3 and related technological aspects of it. Rahman has often displayed innovation in his music, with one of his works even winning him an Oscar on February 22, 2009.

Other awards won by the music composer are 1 BAFTA Award, 2 Grammy Awards, 6 Indian National Film Awards, and 1 Golden Globe Award.

Hedera’s partnership with AR Rahman could get more responses on February 14, 2024, as that is when he said that he would share more details about the Secret Mountain.

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