In the quest for monumental crypto gains, DigiToads & Arbitrum ignite investor frenzy

Cryptocurrency markets can behave in a volatile manner but have provided huge gains to many investors in the long term. The “Buy and Hold” strategy works best if users are able to identify multi-bagger cryptocurrencies very early and especially during the presale stage. 

DigiToads (TOADS) is an upcoming new token built on the Ethereum network that has become very popular and is considered the best cryptocurrency to buy due to its multiple use cases and ability to offer the ability to earn passive income. Arbitrum (ARB) is another layer 2 network for the Ethereum chain that has attracted many cryptocurrency users. DigiToads and Arbitrum could power up your portfolio and provide multi-bagger gains in the medium to long term. Experts widely project both tokens as altcoins to watch out for in 2023. 

DigiToads presale mania attracts both new and seasoned buyers

DigiToads is a newly launched cryptocurrency token that has been developed as a meme and play-to-earn ecosystem. The DigiToads network utilizes a token known as TOADS, which is used for processing all kinds of transactions inside the network. Users can also earn exciting rewards and stake NFTs to earn a passive income through the TOADS ecosystem. Earn, stake, and play by participating in the DigiToads presale. Many analysts have also featured The TOADS token as part of the top cryptocurrency ico list.

The TOADS token is currently available on presale and has collected $6.6 million in funds so far. 93% of the tokens earmarked for the presale have been sold, indicating the huge popularity of this meme coin. Hurry and participate in the TOADS presale to potentially earn King-sized gains, as experts have predicted a huge bull rally once it gets listed on exchanges.

DigiToads will power a vibrant DeFi ecosystem

The DigiToads team plans to launch a decentralized exchange where users will be able to participate in trading competitions, and winners will receive Platinum Toads. Each Platinum Toad will guarantee access to control of 1/12th of the treasury. DigiToads buyers will therefore play an active role in the ecosystem in the long term. The holders of Platinum Toads will also receive 10% of all profits to ensure their continued participation. Each TOAD transaction will provide 2% of funds back into a pool which will be used to reward NFT stakers.


DigiToads gaming Metaverse is attracting many users

The DigiToads platform will also launch a metaverse game where users can battle through NFT characters known as DigiToad. Users will be able to purchase potions and other training materials for their DigiToad and increase their strength. Winners will receive rewards in terms of TOADS tokens. The top 25% of players will receive additional rewards, and 10% will be allocated to all TOADS holders. The prize pool will be powered by 50% of funds collected from the sale of items inside the gaming ecosystem.

The longer a user holds the TOADS tokens, the larger will be the share of rewards. The community is an important part of the DigiToads ecosystem, and exciting rewards have been allocated to ensure continuous user engagement for the long term. The team will also donate a part of the profit earned towards Amazon rain forests’ protection and mitigation efforts.  

Whales accumulate Arbitrum as experts predict a bull rally in the future

Arbitrum is a layer 2 solution for Ethereum and is known for high throughput and lower costs. The Arbitrum ecosystem relies on a native cryptocurrency represented by the symbol ARB. The ARB token is used for governance and provides voting rights to holders. Arbitrum supports native Ethereum dApps, and developers can easily migrate to Arbitrum without changing the code.

The network is fully decentralized and relies on stakers to secure the Arbitrum ecosystem. Many protocols have embraced the Arbitrum network due to its faster transaction time and low fee model. The ARB token has registered renewed interest from whales who are busy accumulating huge volumes in anticipation of a bull rally in the future.  


Both Arbitrum and DigiToads are strong ecosystems and have developed a loyal community of supporters. If you cannot decide what cryptos to buy now, check out DigiToads and Arbitrum, as they have strong utilities. DigiToads is currently available at attractive prices during the presale stage and could potentially yield bigger gains in the long term. 

Many experts have voiced their support for the TOADS token due to its multi-dimensional utilities and decentralized governance structure. The DigiToads ecosystem has also developed an exciting reward structure for its community. Head over to the TOADS presale to find out more about this cryptocurrency and its reward programs. Users should always remember to diversify their portfolios to reduce risk.

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