Arbitrum investors worldwide maintain confidence in Pushd’s e-commerce presale, anticipating a significant market impact post-halving

Arbitrum is a layer-two scaling solution that works alongside Ethereum to speed up transactions and lower costs. It debuted in March 2023, grabbing attention for its remarkably low fees, even cheaper than Ethereum’s. This is possible because it offloads some tasks from the main Ethereum Blockchain. ARB holders have a say in platform changes, from new features to selecting a Security Council.

Despite its various benefits, investors are shifting to Pushd, a decentralized e-commerce platform expected to change the entire online shopping industry. According to analysts, this is one of those investment opportunities that comes around once a decade. 

Hedgey Finance hit by $44.7M hack on Arbitrum and Ethereum networks

Hedgey Finance, a company that helps with on-chain token stuff, was hit by hackers twice on April 19 because of a bug in its token claims system. The attacks happened on two Blockchain networks: Ethereum and Arbitrutm. The first attack went down on the Ethereum network, and the hackers ran off with about $1.9 million worth of cryptocurrency.

Some sleuthing on the Blockchain showed that the hackers got their initial funds from a crypto exchange called ChangeNOW. Then, they turned the stolen loot into Maker’s stablecoin, DAI. Hedgey Finance confirmed the hack and said they’re looking into it. They told users to hold off on making any token claims until things get sorted out.

Pushd: The new player with great potential

Pushd is the pioneering decentralized online marketplace that’s set to revolutionize how we buy and sell goods. Buyers and sellers use crypto tokens to purchase everyday items or bid for them. Pushd aims to turn this vision into reality, standing out as the first in the market.

Already, Pushd has made waves by selling out its 5th presale stage. Now, it’s onto the 6th presale stage, offering tokens at $0.144 each. Investing early in Pushd’s presale has its own advantages. Not only do you get tokens at a discounted rate, but you also gain early access to Pushd’s promising future. Early investors receive priority support and exclusive insider updates, setting them apart in this exciting venture.

Here are the unique features and benefits of Pushd:-

  • Pushd aims to challenge existing norms in the e-commerce industry by creating a secure, transparent, and community-driven marketplace.
  • Unlike traditional platforms, Pushd revolutionizes online transactions by eliminating the need for KYC checks, offering instant deposits and withdrawals, and ensuring lower transaction fees.
  • The platform incentivizes user participation through a rewards program, promotes decentralized governance, and ensures security through a transparent Blockchain.
  • With team tokens locked for 700 days, Pushd’s ongoing presale positions it as a pioneer in Web3 platforms, heralding a new era of secure, transparent, and community-driven online commerce.
  • Other features include a debit card, revenue sharing for presale investors, a swap service with zero commission charges, decentralized governance, and a VIP program. 

Find out more about the Pushd presale at their official website.

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