Arbitrum Nova and Elixir team up to work on Web3 gaming

Both entities, Arbitrum Nova and Elixir, are ecstatic about the potential of their profitable partnership. This collaboration aims to boost the overall growth potential of the Web3 gaming industry. This will be accomplished by effectively exploiting the services provided by Arbitrum Nova and, as a result, sharing both networks. In turn, this will aid in adding strength to initiatives as well as overall marketing, well-laid-out operational plans, and overall development. The goal is to bring out the best in every aspect and circumstance.

Both entities will now be actively involved in bringing all their individual lines and areas of expertise together for proper identification and support of Web3 fun-oriented games at the highest standards. There will now be the provision of the latest models of launching and distribution, along with matters of incubation, incorporation, and marketing strategies related to the games. The entire focus will remain on the adoption of freshly introduced Web3 games carried out by the Web2 market.

Where Arbitrum is concerned, there happens to be an entire retinue of safe scaling solutions for Ethereum. It is also the absolute best Layer 2 scaling provider, with two live blockchains to its name. One of them is the Arbitrum One, which is an optimistic rollup solution that is highly sought after by DeFi dApps. The other is Arbitrum Nova, which happens to be an AnyTrust solution for the sake of gaming, along with social dApps. Arbitrum’s expertise lies in being capable of the immediate scaling of dApps, which further helps in bringing down the costs and quickening matters. This is carried out without compromising safety issues with Ethereum. It was only last year that the entity was upgraded to a fresh Nitro tech stack.

Elixir Games, on the other hand, happens to be a leader in the Web3 gaming distribution framework field. It also boasts of having high-quality IP titles and was established in 2018. The firm happens to be actively engaged in operations made with the help of the Elixir Game platform. Through this, the new-age Web3 gaming studios are able to get connected with a whole lot of services that guarantee an effective game launch. Over the period of time, the entity has been able to successfully incorporate over and above the figure of 60 of the prime Web3 games and is now on the pathway of becoming the absolute top-of-the-line multi-chain Web3 gaming launcher globally.

Roxanne Williams

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