Arbitrum One Announced Migrating to Nitro Mainnet on August 31

Offchain Labs recently announced migrating Arbitrum One to Nitro mainnet. The migration will be carried out on August 31st, exactly one year after its beta was released.

Nitro proposes a substantial technical upgrade, enabling changes across the stack. It will significantly elevate the experience of development on Arbitrum. The network previously released details about the upgrade in its Arbitrum Goerli Nitro.

The official post it recently released mentions several features, including:-

  • Ethereum Layer 1 Gas Compatibility: It will bring accounting and pricing for EVM operations to comply with Ethereum.
  • Advanced Calldata Compression: It will reduce transaction charges on Arbitrum by decreasing the data posted to Layer 1.
  • Layer 1 Interoperability: It includes better synchronization with Layer 1 block numbers and support for Ethereum Layer 1 precompiled.
  • Geth Tracing: It will expand the debugging support on the network.
  • Safe Retryables: It will eliminate the failure mode where retryable tickets fail to be created.

Arbitrum One advises developers to ensure their frontends and contracts are set for migration. It will complete testing and prepare necessary modifications as much as possible. The network has also asked developers to deploy first on the testnet with Arbitrum Goerli.

Since the Rinkeby migration went smoothly, the venture feels ready and confident to migrate Arbitrum to Nitro. The upcoming few weeks will see the migration being served to dApps and infrastructure providers. 

The network will also carry out a shadow fork migration a week before the final migration as a rehearsal. With the shadow forking, the network can run a parallel chain that copies the state of other chains while receiving incoming transactions from the main chain.

Since the process is highly complex, the network asks partner teams to participate in the shadow fork. As the migration lines up with the anniversary, the event is certain to be a huge success.

David Cox

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