Arbitrum One goes live on Nitro

The moment seems to have finally arrived when the Arbitrum is functioning live on Nitro. For all concerned and connected users, this simply means they will now have the added benefit of an increased amount of throughput and immensely lesser fees. There will also be the factor of the new-age rollup architecture. Incidentally, this is all functioning live on the Arbitrum One mainnet. 

This indeed happens to be a new benchmark set by Arbitrum. The team is much excited about this occurrence as they have put in a lot of effort and time to achieve this. With the Arbitrum One network finding its place online, it will be instrumental in continuously bringing back the ecosystem framework online, and this process will be something the users will be able to track. 

Where Nitro is concerned, now that it is fully in the picture, it will be the turn of all developers and users to gain from the added benefits that have been incorporated and that it will be providing. For a start, they will receive increased throughput, much higher than in the past. There will be the aspect of advanced call data compression, which will help lower all transaction costs on Arbitrum. Next in line will be the Ethereum L1 gas compatibility, which will make pricing and accounting for EVM functions fall in tandem with Ethereum. With that will be the added L1 interoperability, including stricter sync with L1 block numbers and upholding all Ethereum L1 pre-compiles. There will also be more secure retables, preventing failure mode in terms of retryables ticket failure. Geth tracing will be available for more debugging matters and other such additions.

It has been a year since Arbitrum One mainnet went publicly live. Now, with the Nitro positioned online on Arbitrum One and Nova at the Arbitrum stable, the situation has only just begun. Presently, the team is actively engaged in increasing scale, lowering costs, and making the Arbitrum more user-friendly. Part of their focus is also on Devcon.  

Scott Cook

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