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Arbitrum (ARB) to be listed on the Binance exchange

Arbitrum (ARB) to be listed on the Binance exchange

Binance makes a major announcement, especially for those who have been backing Arbitrum’s ARB token since its news broke out. The platform will list the token with trading tentatively set to open on March 23, 2023, at 17:00 UTC. Spot trading pairs to go live are ARB/USDT and ARB/BTC.

Depositing the ARB token will be enabled based on when the platform achieves the desired blockchain height of 16,890,400. Per the estimate, Binance will achieve the mentioned blockchain height on March 23, 2023, by 12:30 UTC. Meaning users will be able to deposit ARB tokens from that time.

This is crucial if a trader is looking to prepare for trading well in advance. There is no mandatory requirement but a suggestion that could come in handy for daily traders. Withdrawals will open a day later, that is, on March 24, 2023. The tentative time is 17:00 UTC, subject to change based on the conditions of the network.

There is no listing fee for the ARB token. What makes the listing of ARB tokens on Binance interesting is the fact that the platform will also list the token as a borrowable asset 48 hours after it has been launched for trading. The community can expect the same to begin 48 hours after March 23, 2023, at 17:00 UTC. The isolated margin pair will be ARB/USDT.

The layer-2 scaling solution, Arbitrum, leverages the roll-up technology to save gas fees, thereby passing the benefit to the community. This works well since there is enough space to bring down the overall cost and lower the final fees. ARB operates as the native governance token for Arbitrum to support projects that are based on Ethereum.

Founded in Malta in 2017, Binance has truly made its name in the crypto sphere, with over a hundred cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. Additionally, users have access to more than 100 trading pairs that can be included in the digital trading portfolio.

The ideology of Binance prioritizes users, ensuring that they find it convenient to navigate and trade their preferred digital assets. Therefore, a focus has been laid on making the experience on mobile and browsers as seamless as possible by Binance. The basic operation of trading cryptocurrency – buying & selling – is available on all the platforms of Binance. One can find more details about how to trade on Binance in our review of the platform.

The vision of Binance is to bring global freedom in terms of how finance moves from one person to another. The belief is that the vision will improve the lives of many people in the world and empower them via financial inclusion.

eWallets and Mobile Trading are the critical features of Binance, offering convenience to users along with the security of data and funds.


Binance listing ARB tokens is a huge move for the community. Not just the token but every tool of the platform will also be available to users – new or existing.

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