Arc8 Is Getting G-Bot Starters – Win Exclusive NFTs

G-Bot Starters are G-Bot NFTs but with a special twist. They are unique, limited-edition G-Bots with a labeled appearance that are only distributed as top-quality rewards. Perhaps they cannot be created, staked, or updated like G-Bots; G-bot Starters give the players direct exposure to Arc8’s amazing collection of G-Bot games and a strategic advantage in the G-Bot ecosystem. 

Users can access the G-Bot ecosystem through these NFTs and play games that are only available through the Arc8 app.

Although they intend to collaborate with major brands to produce most of the Starter Bots, they are making an exception for this competition. They will only produce limited edition NFTs based on player designs.

Irrespective of whether they are new to the known universe of G-Bots or have already an entire squad of them camped in their wallet, any Arc8 player with the required gaming prowess can collect G-Bot Starters. Different skills may be needed depending on the distribution brand of G-Bot Starters.

Some games demand that players hit one certain score threshold or succeed in a sequence of nerve-wracking obstacles before continuing.

They consider it crucial to reward their player base. With the aid of G-Bot Starters, Arc8 players can rapidly and effortlessly explore the growing world of G-Bots, further solidifying Arc8’s position as a gamified platform that links players, games, and brands.

They will support their preliminary G-Bot Starter collections on certain truly incredible, well-known gaming and crypto brands. They have made it abundantly clear that their first partnership is with the indisputable arcade gods, Atari!

What better approach is there to get things started than with one of their own? Their own Hoop Shot is ingrained in the first G-Bot Starters that they will give away as a reward system in a frantic thriller game in which players tumble and blow their path from hoop to hoop.

Gamers can participate in competitions and matches involving Hoop Shot tokens between July 14 and July 19 to win a Hoop Shot G-Bot Starter by accruing a total of 15,000 points. Everything you need to know about this first competition will be available on July 14.

Arc8 enjoyed 1.5M players when GAMEE released the full software version in October 2021.


The GAMEE token, an ERC-20 fungible utility token introduced on the Ethereum platform and a link to Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain, is used by the Arc8 platform.

Winning endorsed tournament games and 1v1 games against the other players are two ways to earn GMEE. It may be used to purchase in-game NFT G-Bot scheduled drops at the Arc8 market. One’s earned GMEE tokens are stored in the Arc8 app’s built-in wallet, so you can move them to external wallets that work with the Polygon system.

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