ArcadeLand And Codyfight Team Up For Innovation

ArcadeLand has partnered with Codyfight to bring an innovative approach to Play-to-Earn gaming. The partnership is inclusive of inviting creative minds to make their relevant contributions to the games and earn handsome rewards.

Codyfight’s partnership with ArcadeLand ensures to empower creators and developers alike by enabling them to earn through their skills. For instance, a creator can earn rewards by designing and selling new non-fungible skins.

Similarly, developers can contribute by developing an AI robot software and selling it to a player. It brings to focus the Create-to-Earn economy in the metaverse of gaming.

Users benefit from the partnership as well. Those with less knowledge about blockchain gaming will now be able to enter the virtual world for things they thoroughly enjoy: playing a game, earning rewards, & painting their imagination.

By empowering creators and developers, both partners have made the digital world more interesting for the community. It has brought a blend of competitiveness and creativity into a single bucket.

Players can hand-pick their friends for a healthy competition instead of battling against a bot. Those looking to up the challenge can connect with a player of an equal rank through rank-based matchmaking.

What makes the partnership worth the patience is enabling players to build their games through Codyfight assets and organizing custom tournaments based on a profit-sharing model.

One fact that can be stated with confidence is that the partnership of ArcadeLand and Codyfight expands places for those looking to vent out their creativity and talent to have fun while earning rewards.

Being able to earn passive income is yet another factor that captivates the gaming community’s attention. Codyfight is expected to launch its virtual headquarters in the ArcadeLand metaverse to better connect with fans and new users who wish to learn more about the game. The virtual headquarters of Codyfight will serve as a source of information related to tournaments, general updates, and daily quests, to mention a few.

Codyfight will integrate more games in the future as per the blockchain requirements. Users will spend less effort, courtesy of the intuitive user interface with a list of accepted traditional payment methods. The Codyfight Metaverse supports cross-metaverse avatars, web2 login, and ni-install browser-based games.

Codyfight mainly leverages non-fungible tokens with the help of $CTOK. The community-driven gaming metaverse believes in rewarding creativity through a scalable P2E model.

ArcadeLand is looking to establish its name in the Metaverse gaming industry by delivering a rewarding experience through high-quality games. The ecosystem of ArcadeLand is designed to serve developers, gamers, and the community to propel the future of gaming.


The industry has welcomed the partnership, offering more features and earning possibilities. ArcadeLand and Codyfight even incentivize users who build their games. The RPG by Codyfight occurs over a 2-D dynamic-size rectangle tile map.

With the entry barriers reduced, many more players can be expected to show up in the gaming universe as they have been holding back with hesitation towards blockchain technology.

Trevor Holman

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