ArcBlock Introduces ABT Wallet 2.0—The Decentralized Identity Wallet

One of the prime blockchain platforms for enterprise blockchains and production-ready decentralized applications, ArcBlock, recently announced that it is launching the latest version of its decentralized identity wallet.

By this launch, ArcBlock is releasing its new decentralized identity wallet 2.0 experience, which will support its users in their everyday life. This new version would take ABT Wallet one step further from its fundamental static interactions.

When the first version of the ABT Wallet was released, the team of ArcBlock worked with clients and users to get feedback about what they expect from the next ABT wallet launch. Besides, with ABT Wallet 1.0, clients could go through secure login and sign-up, effectively to check claims, verifications and confirmations, and exceptional privacy.

By releasing ABT Wallet 2.0, ArcBlock is intended to make the decentralized identity wallet useful to everybody in a manner that was already acquainted. Further, ArcBlock will enable everybody to resume control over their daily activities and digital identity with just a mobile phone.

By this latest version of the ABT Wallet, clients can sign in and access their work environment, develop and use websites and applications with customized profiles, request, share and send reports, or an organized way to check transactions and activities.

Equipped with these innovative features, users would now be able to utilize just a mobile phone and ABT Wallet application to associate and deal with their everyday digital experiences with the assurance that their information is secure.

The ABT Wallet 2.0 is constructed utilizing an approved standard decentralized identity protocol known as DID: ABT. This enables clients to make decentralized identities created in the wallet to be under the influence of the client and free from any identity provider, centralized registry, or certificate authority.

CEO of ArcBlock, Robert Mao, said,

“We are excited about the release of ABT Wallet 2.0 and enabling decentralized identity to be a part of everyone’s daily life. For the first time, users can experience the benefits of decentralized identity and blockchain technologies.”


Additionally, ArcBlock has profoundly combined decentralized identity with its interoperable blockchain framework. Besides, any identity developed on the system is naturally given a DID that helps the individuals to construct and provide services utilizing decentralized identity and total adaptability.

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