ArcBlock Upgraded Its dApp Friendly and Enterprise Friendly Blockchain Platform 1.0

ArcBlock has touched another Milestone with recent upgradation of its blockchain-based platform 1.0. This upgradation is a quality enhancement and will facilitate the developers and business entities to build production-ready networks and decentralized applications on the blockchain.

This upgradation will also help the developers to build these applications easily and rapidly.


Previous developments 

The platform has issued more than one hundred and twenty releases since its launch. ArcBlock DApp team has also done a strategic partnership with several other companies that want to adopt Blockchain-based services.

To name a few, it has recently collaborated with a top Canadian gaming company, Infinite Gravity and also with a Chinese ride-sharing company GoFun Travel. Both partners want to adopt next-generation blockchain-based applications to provide better services to their customer base.

The company stated that owing to consistent demand from the customers and community developers, to improve the services, the company has come up with a more refined and latest version of the production-ready services to build the enterprise-grade blockchain.

Key features of version 1.0

The new version has some significant features to enable faster and easier operations.

  • ArcBlock SDK with Forge framework 1.0 

This version has extended support for cross-chain swaps and easier up-gradation and much more.

  • Blockchain Upgradation 

The version doesn’t require sending upgrade node transaction and can patch instant blockchain by itself.

Smart Contracts 

Wide support for various functions on multiple smart contracts has been inbuilt in the new version of the platform. It includes the following:

Activate or deactivate the contract 

Delegate, revoke_delegate

Token swap related functions like depositing or withdrawing the token, revoking, and approving the withdrawal

Features withheld 

In this new version, the forge framework will no longer be supportive of Wallet related RPC interfaces, wallet management.

Developers will also be enabled to:

  • Create a customized blockchain
  • Utilize pre-built Blocklets
  • Dynamic consensus
  • To use programming languages like Java and Python
  • Reload their code with Hot-code reloading

ArcBlock Platform

Through its Forge framework, ArcBlock enables the developers to launch a self-controlled, customized blockchain version, in a few minutes. It also enables users to interconnect multiple blockchains to form a network that can communicate with each other. A scalable cross-chain open protocol is being used for this purpose. The Blocklet design makes it possible to build decentralized apps either on public blockchains or on customized blockchain in a very short time. The Blocklet design supports ArcBlock certification training programmers for the developers and for anyone from the business community who wants to leverage the blockchain technology for their trade. The company has roped in industry experts to impart the best skills in the domain.

Robert Mao, CEO of ArcBlock, said,

When we started this project two years ago, we had a vision and through strong collaboration with our communities, developers, and customers, we have been able to redefine what had been possible with blockchain and are fulfilling our vision. We have removed the complexity out of blockchain and allow anyone, anywhere to power their blockchain projects with ArcBlock. I look forward to seeing more products and services powered by ArcBlock in the months and years ahead.

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