Next-gen metaverse Arcomia raises $200 thousand in pre-seed – the next Sandbox?

Arcomia Metaverse has now raised $200 thousand within the first days of their Pre-Seed. With its current pace of development, this could just be the beginning of an entire next-gen metaverse phase that sets a higher standard for crypto metaverses such as The Sandbox.

Chapter 1: Pre-Seed is Over 

Less than a week after searching for Pre-Seed funding, the $200 thousand mark was reached. RCM, Arcomia’s utility token, The token’s stage 1 pre-seed price was $0.015, while the second stage (Private Seed) is set at $0.03 per unit. In the third stage, RCM will sell for $0.032 during their Public Sale.

Successfully selling out the pre-seed number means that Arcomia is seen as a high-potential Metaverse, as not many projects in today’s bear market can reach those numbers that fast.

The Team Behind Arcomia

The main aim of Arcomia Labs Ltd, the game studio, is to bring blockchain into mainstream virtual experiences. By offering advantages such as interoperability, monetization capabilities, digital scarcity, and true ownership, it hopes to attract both crypto and non-crypto gaming enthusiasts. The vision of Arcomia Labs Ltd. is to bring the people who love current virtual worlds & gaming to the world. Aiming to combine the best solutions from WEB 2.0 and WEB 3.0 into one ecosystem (the metaverse).

Unique Land Approach

In many other Metaverses, Land is given a coordinate (x, y) that is adjacent to each other. By doing so, users can then visit each other by traveling from the plot edge to the next plot. In Arcomia, an extra dimension is added (z) so that their metaverse scales vertically as well. Looking at the content that has been published by the team, this looks unique and exciting as it creates a large open world that is still very compact at the same time, allowing users to travel from plot to plot without any hiccups.

High Polished Gameplay

It seems Arcomia Labs Ltd. has always been very clear in its vision as to how the metaverse should look and feel. Smooth animations and polished gameplay are necessary, and there should be no discussion as to whether or not the gameplay is good or bad. For this, their team has chosen to use Unreal Engine 5.0. 

Unreal Engine 5.0 enables game developers and creators across industries to realize next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility than ever before; which is the most advanced and open real-time 3D creation tool for metaverse development, equipped with full controls, gorgeous graphics, and integrated tools for designers, especially VR and AR gaming developers. View their gameplay footage video below.

NFT Sales

While the project is still in development and not much is known about their upcoming NFTs – it seems they do have a whitelist signup on their website. One can easily sign up for their whitelist on their homepage and stay in the know about the project. Furthermore, we recommend joining their community on Discord which seems to grow rapidly.

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