Ardana Collaborates with the NEAR Protocol

Ardana confirmed their newest strategic relationship with NEAR, a decentralised application platform (dApp) that emphasizes on both development and customer experience, on November 23rd. Ardana will create the bridging-required infrastructure for transfer of ownership between Cardano and NEAR as part of this agreement with NEAR, which involves a grant.

Ardana will allow token exchanges across the NEAR and Cardano blockchain systems and cross-chain intelligent contract capability by integrating Cardano and NEAR and enabling interfaces between projects on both platforms. The NEAR coin will soon be available as an asset on Cardano and as security on Ardana to manufacture stablecoins.

NEAR’s vision has always included a multi-chain environment in which each blockchain could effortlessly communicate and share data with one another. Ardana’s purpose is to assist create a multi-chain world, and integrations like this assist achieve that goal.

Ardana’s objective is to give the cryptocurrency community seamless connectivity between multiple works and ecosystems. Ardana is overjoyed with this collaboration with NEAR, which will help them get near towards their objective. The agreement will enable both firms to discover different development opportunities in the expanding ecosystem of blockchain technology and will serve as a watershed moment in the future of blockchain scaling.

About NEAR

NEAR is a high-performance blockchain that intends to be extremely fast, extremely safe, and infinitely expandable. NEAR’s objective is to build a system that will serve as a gateway for thousands of consumers to connect to the next generation of the internet. NEAR was created by an award-winning group of specialists and businessmen to be easy to use, accessible, and environmentally friendly.

About Ardana

Ardana is Cardano’s stablecoin core, bringing the DeFi primitives required to kickstart and sustain any economy to Cardano. Ardana provides an asset-backed stablecoin on the blockchain as well as a decentralised stable-asset DEX. The stablecoin is supported by an abundance of on-chain security, allowing borrowers to lever existing ADA or even other approved assets. The DEX is a highly capital efficient marketplace that allows exchanges with little overrun and costs while also offering liquidity providers with low-risk yield possibilities.

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