Ardana to Introduce Ardana Swap for dUSD

Ardana, a decentralized stablecoin hub that introduces dUSD, a stable coin pegged along with the US dollar, to the Cardano blockchain, allows for increased liquidity. Ardana will also launch Ardana-swap, a decentralized exchange designed to offer complete liquidity for dUSD and other stable coins, in addition to dUSD.

Users will be able to vote on future parts of Ardana using the DANA governance token. Additional Cardano payouts will be available by staking $DANA.

The ISPO for Ardana will begin in July. Users can now stake their Cardano in an Ardana-related pool and have $DANA airdropped when the ISPO goes live. There are different Cardano pools associated with the Ardana- ADAOZ, AMOON, AZUR1, MALU, SPEC, SPRO, VROOM, and many others.

Participants staking their Cardano in an affiliated pool before April 1st, 2022, and keep it there until the formal launch in July will receive a unique “multiplier bonus.”

Latecomers joining any of the Ardana staking pools after the official ISPO launch date will still be eligible for the airdrop if they join before the official ISPO launch date. A lower multiplier bonus will be applied with each passing day leading up to the ISPO debut date. You obtain the highest multiplier, so make sure to stake it before April 1st.

At this time, neither the sum earned nor the multiplier bonus linked with participation in the ISPO is known.

Choose one of the pools above and stake it by April 1st, 2022, to receive a DANA token in July. One of the wisest things you can do is stake your assets and let them create passive income. Allowing your Cardano to work for you is one way to increase your wealth. Have fun staking!

Ardana is a decentralized stablecoin platform that will provide Cardano with the DeFi primitives required to bootstrap and operate any economy. Ardana provides a decentralized stable-asset DEX and an on-chain asset-backed stablecoin.

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