Are Bulls All Set to Make an Entry for the Price of EOS?

  • The EOS price has managed to gain a steady momentum above the baseline over the past 30 days

EOS has gone through a lot of price variations since the beginning of the year. The price had a decent upward swing till June. In July, with the onset of the bearish trend, the crypto market witnessed huge price volatility and affected major altcoins, including EOS. The past month’s price movement indicates that the EOS coin price is trying to bounce back even in the bear market. The price has been fluctuating in the range between $2.70 – $3.49.

EOS Price Prediction

The price of EOS over the past month has given some reason to smile for the community. The price has managed to be above the baseline for most of the past month though the bears are still in a strong position in the market. The currency was at $3.29 on October 09, and it went down to $2.93 on October 18 with a 13.94% drop. The price of EOS was still below the baseline price but rose slightly by 5.69% at $2.944. With the bears still being strong, the price went further down to $2.7028, and the fluctuation was to the extent of 8.35%.

The days following this was good for the coin as the price managed to move above the baseline and had a good rally at $3.4939 to the tune of 29.27%. Though the EOS price continued to fluctuate and reach $3.2275 on November 03, it still managed to hold its ground and showed a movement of 7.44%. The upward swing has continued with today’s price being at $3.44, which shows the upward movement at 6.12%.

EOS Price
EOS Chart By TradingView

EOS looks all poised for a steady momentum and is trying to maintain its price above the baseline. The price has shown good variations over the past month, indicating that a good time is around the corner. Analysts expect this positive trend to continue though it may be still too early to think of a huge upward rise in the price of EOS.

Investors can now heave a sigh of relief as the price of EOS is showing a slow and steady momentum and holding its ground even in the current crypto market volatility. Short term investors and day traders could make good gains.

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