Are Samsung Galaxy S10 Photos Leaked on Purpose to Gain Attention to Its Crypto Wallet Feature?

If the leaked Samsung Galaxy S10 photos are to be believed, then the latest model from the Samsung family is geared up with Blockchain KeyStore to store all your crypto assets and cryptocurrencies. More and more photos of Samsung Galaxy S10 are bubbling up now and then with the smart-phone’s screen displaying the cryptocurrency wallet feature.

The photos by far have been of the regular Samsung Galaxy variant. In the details of the images, one can see the crypto wallet set up page. As per the details obtained from gsmarena website, the welcome screen displayed in the photos is shown with the welcome phrase-

“[…] a secure and a convenient place for your cryptocurrency. […] Import an existing wallet. Or Create a new wallet.”

Another detail obtained from the leaked images is that the app supports (possibly) support only Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. As per the website, the latest price of the top tier model of Samsung Galaxy S10+ is 1,600 GBP, for 12 GB and additional 1 TB expandable storage space. The top model comes with ‘dual front-facing camera.’ The base Lite smart phone starts with the price of 780 GBP. Whereas, the medium sized smart from the same family will cost 930 GBP which comes with 6 GB and additional expandable 128 GB space. There are reports of the Samsung Galaxy S10 smart phone to support ‘reverse wireless charging.’

Last month, the giant of the electronic market- Samsung, was in the news for putting in applications for trademarks request for its smartphones in the EU. According to the Dutch tech news blog- ‘Galaxy Club,’ Samsung has requested for three trademarks to be patented, namely- ‘Blockchain Key Store,’ ‘Blockchain Key Box’ and ‘Blockchain Core.’ These services aim to offer its customers crypto custody services on smartphones. There was speculation of Samsung to follow the footsteps of HTC and Sirin Labs, as they have also launched ‘Exodus 1’ and ‘FINNEY’ respectively to offer crypto custody services on their respective smartphones.

On the other hand, one of the senior IT Consultant in Samsung- Joel Snyder explained in Samsung run paper called- ‘Samsung Insight’ that these smartphones provide a way tighter security in comparison to the laptops when it comes to crypto storage. He further explained that the reason is that these phones come with ‘Trusted Execution Environment’ (TEE.) The TEE feature provides an insulated environment for any execution from the phone’s internal memory. This, in turn, makes it very difficult for hackers, online criminals to do any data theft. Hence, the public keys, private keys, and signing keys can stay safer within the phones.

To top up the safety feature, Samsung has barred itself from any access to the user’s cold wallet stored data. The recovery of the content related t the cold wallet had been made pretty straight forward. It can be done with the help of standard word phrase. Adding another security layer, Samsung has also given a Bitcoin’s application- authenticity verification which can be done by using a PIN or one can scan his or her fingerprint to gain access to the cold wallet.

Samsung never fails to impress its users and in attracting probable customers. There have been reports that the users can enjoy the free import of wallets from services Netmask, TrustWallet and so on into their cold wallets. These wallets will support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash, and ETH based tokens and assets. Click here to know more about the crypto wallet.

Looking forward, on 20th Feb, in the ‘Samsung Unpacked’ event, one may also get to learn more about Samsung ‘Galaxy S10’ and may be about ‘Galaxy F (Fold.)’ This event will take place in San Fransisco. One can expect an announcement about three different sizes of smartphones, with 5 various variants that will include a 5 G Network compatible version.

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