Are You Ready for the Ethereum Classic Atlantis Hard Fork?

The Ethereum Classic community is all set for the latest upgrade- Ethereum Classic Atlantis hard fork. It will have a block height of #8,772,000 and is expected to take place at 11:54:14 am UTCThursday, September 12, 2019. This upgrade will encompass 10 main ECIPs, which will boost compatibility and interoperability. It might impact the overall growth of the whole ecosystem along with the price perspective of the native token of Ethereum Classic. Want to know what impact the hard fork will be on ETC and how it would impact its prices? Then do visit our exclusive post on Ethereum Classic ETC Price Prediction. As per the recent announcements from the platform, this upgrade can be compared to- the “Byzantium” and “Spurious Dragon” Ethereum hard forks.

The main purpose of these 10 ECIPs is on areas that include:

  • Security
  • Zk- SNARK
  • State Tire Clearing
  • Contract Code Size Limits
  • Opcodes
  • Other Computing areas

The platform has underlined the importance of all the participants of the Ethereum community to work hand in hand for better communication, better reach, and to ensure that all the miners, nodes, exchanges, as well as the crypto wallets, are functioning well and are running with the latest software.

Ethereum Miners Status:

As per the official blog announcement, the support for the Atlantis hard fork has been confirmed from the top mining pools. This makes more than 75 percent of the entire hash rate of the network. Things like ‘Ethermine, 2miners, Nanopool, F2pool, MiningPoolHub, CoMining, etc.’ are included in this 75 percent network hash rate.

Ethereum Nodes Status:

When it comes to nodes, reports say that around 58 percent of the nodes are up to date and functioning well. They are using the latest client software to stay ready for the Atlantis hard fork. Although the upgrade was successfully finished last week, but to stay ready for the hard fork, the ETH Community has been working ahead of the scheduled upgrades.

Ethereum Exchanges and Crypto Wallet Status:

The Atlantis hard fork is gaining a lot of attention and preparation from many crypto exchanges. Many crypto exchanges have updated themselves and their services in preparation for the hard fork. These include some famous exchanges such as- Coinbase, Poloniex, Binance, Bittrex, Kraken, Shapeshift, and OKEx.

A similar scene has been observed in the case of crypto wallets and the decentralized applications (dApps) as well. They too have updated themselves to be fully compatible with the new hard fork.

It is a mass effort rather than one individual effort. The combined effort and excitement for the Atlantis Hard Fork has enthused ETC Labs with a promise of the hard fork to be successfully executed and run smoothly. Almost everyone in the community is ready with the latest client software. In case anyone needs to upgrade themselves with the latest client software, they may do so by checking the official website of the platform. There precise suggestions on which client versions are compulsory Ethereum Classic Atlantis hard fork is also mentioned.

On the other hand, Ethereum Classic formed a partnership with social media dApp iZbreaker and blockchain infrastructure developer- Second State, last week. This partnership will lead to the creation of the next-gen Ethereum infrastructure by Second State. On this the CEO of Second State- Michael Yuan said-

Are proud to be part of the development effort to make Ethereum Classic the most technically advanced and developer-friendly blockchain in the world.

Whereas on the partnership with social media dApp iZbreaker and Ethereum Classic, the CEO and founder of iZbreaker- Count Erik Wachtmeister said:

The main mission of iZbreaker is to ‘amplify serendipity.’ So much of social media is about focusing on other people’s past. iZbreaker is about paying attention to our own future and capturing the opportunities around us.

The Ethereum Classic Labs is very excited for these partnerships and cheerfully posted its happiness about it while calling it the ‘brand new way of communicating’ with the world around which is-

[…] full of information overflow, commercial bias, and untrustworthy online spaces.

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