Argent Wallet Revolutionizes Crypto Wallet Industry Through Lucrative Services

Cryptocurrency wallets play a significant role in securing your digital holdings while also facilitating trading in a convenient manner. In simple words, a cryptocurrency wallet is a program or a service which helps in storing the public or private keys of the owners allowing them to control ownership of their assets as well as facilitate receiving or spending of cryptocurrencies. Anyone who keeps oneself brushed up with the latest crypto arena developments is well aware about the importance of crypto wallets. Presently, the crypto market is flooded with an array of variants of digital wallets that compete each other by launching innovative services infused with highest security and operability features.

One of the prominent names in cryptocurrency wallet industry is Argent- a safe, simple, and easy to use wallet, which offers some unprecedented benefits to its customers. The solution takes pride in being a user-controlled wallet rendering the customers to be the sole owners of their digital assets. Designed to offer the best of facilities to the customers, the wallet uses AND security mechanism. The new revolutionary pedagogies used in the wallet are an upgraded version of what other wallet solutions have been using up until now while placing it a notch higher in comparison to others. However, you should definitely check our page on the crypto wallet by clicking here to get proper guidance on it and more.

Argent wallets have been designed in a way that they cater to the requirements of the customers in the most secure, transparent, and reliable manner. The customers are in full control of their assets stored in the wallet solution as they get the opportunity to lock and unlock their wallets according to their will. The wallet helps the customers to set a daily limit on their assets which helps in keeping track of the assets conveniently. It also helps to manage large volumes of transactions in a hassle-free manner and helps to tackle fraudulent transactions as well.

Prominent Features of Argent Wallet

  1. In case of phone theft/loss

Holding crypto assets in a digital wallet has gained a lot of popularity in the recent times, primarily because of the complexities involved with storing crypto in an exchange or with a custodian. Argent is a smart wallet which frees the customers from the complications of seed phrases, gas prices, and cryptic addresses. The recovery of seed phrase in case of phone theft becomes a major problem for the customers but Argent keeps its customers free from such cumbersome incidences with the help of Ardent Guardians. Argent allows its customers to hold their assets in a smart contract on the blockchain network. The assets can be accessed through the private key stored on the phone. In case of phone theft or loss, Argent Guardians help to recover wallet on a new phone instantly.

A Guardian serves as an account working on the Ethereum blockchain that is granted permission by the customer to help in the recovery of a lost wallet. It can be:

  • A hardware wallet or another phone owned by the customer
  • A third-party agent like Argent Guard which uses 2-factor authentication
  • A person entrusted by the customer
  1. Other Security Features

Argent makes use of the wide range of security features available for both iOS and Android devices, including biometrics, keychain, and six-digit user pin code which helps to encrypt the private key adding more security to the assets.

Apart from these regular features, Argent wallets come studded with an array of distinctive attributes as well that make it a first choice for global customers. The wallet system uses smart contracts to secure the assets. This restricts the attack of any intruder on the customers wallets. It helps in the integration and direct use of DeFi applications in the wallet. The owners of Argent wallets can easily leverage the lending capacities of MakerDAO and Compound Finance loan seamlessly. Argent’s integration with MakerDAO protocol rendered the customers to withdraw credit directly from the app.

One of the prominent features of the wallet is its ability to set daily transaction limits. The customers are notified through an alert whenever their transactions touch the daily limit mark set up by them. The wallet delays the clearance of over the limit transactions by 24 hours. Over the limit, transactions are approved by the Guardians. There exists also a feature to change the Guardians by following a simple procedure. The change gets activated within 24 hours span.


The world of cryptocurrencies is fast developing and evolving in heaps and bounds. The blockchain technology is being seen as the future of the industrial domain because of its wide array of offerings. Argent crypto wallet strives to offer the best services to its customers with an intention to encourage mass adoption of cryptocurrencies as a community in the global market space.

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