Aries Markets Mainnet is all positioned to go live

Aries Markets is in the process of carrying out a soft launch as a part of their newly launched Aries Markets devnet. However, this has taken the company many months of deliberations and the process of trial and error to breathe life into its creation finally. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that the team at Aries Markets has taken a firm stand and decided to deliver this creation in carefully calculated phases. This plan has been made, considering various related and important factors. 

The first essential thing is to develop proper and effective testing and trial to be carried out on all factors related to improvisations. However, this again has to be done under a closely supervised scenario. Secondly, the imperative fact that the team at Aries Markets has to be considered is the existing risk factors involved with DeFi. 

However, even for the team, all matters about overall safety and procedures involved hold a high degree of priority. According to the information they shared, they have taken the matter of safety very seriously. However, under that strict audit, checking, both for internal and external purposes, has been carried out at the top level and with extreme caution. A detailed statement regarding the audit report will be made available in the public domain very soon.

Roxanne Williams

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