Arkbound: Fusing RPG and Blockchain gaming

Japan’s Black Tower Studios have merged role-playing games with blockchain technology for the first time in history and created Arkbound, an all-new, cutting-edge blockchain-based game. Adopting this futuristic attitude enables players to actively involve themselves with the Web3 gaming community.

Arkbound aims to bring together the fans of different subgenres like RPG or Blockchain and build a creative atmosphere where players would not be divided by categories but form one large community through their passion for gaming. The collaboration of diverse players in this game makes the ecosystem more appealing and enhances the growth of different skills. This inclusivity is important in the sector that commonly draws a line between conventional gaming procedures and the revolutionary technology revolution.

Black Tower Studios, a relatively new studio established in 2012 for developing enticing gaming experiences, is not unique to crafting intriguing stories for various projects in the industry. They are renowned for their expertise in using Unreal Engine, which always goes beyond traditional gaming boundaries. Their games’ visual artistry and alluring nature can be seen in their latest 2017 release, Obsidian Legacy, another Japanese style Hack and slash ARPG.

The latest game from Black Tower Studios, Arkbound, highlights their skill and experience gained while at the top of the elite gaming industry. Through their use of blockchain technology, they gave players a smooth gaming experience. The integration of NFTs represents their technical abilities and, at the same time, gives players control of their in-game assets. Also, with its free-to-play structure, ArkBound brings blockchain games to a mass audience that might not have been exposed to this new experience.

Arkbound has been successful due to the partnership between the studio and Immutable, which provides complete solutions for creating Web3 games. The game uses Immutable’s zkEVM based on the Polygon network for affordable and fast gameplay, which is very secure, thus providing a good user experience to players.

During an interview with Jingdi Yang, the producer at Black Tower Studios, Yang stressed that their goal was to combine conventional RPG elements with the latest innovations in Web 3.0 to raise the bar for blockchain gaming once and for all.

Arkbound’s schedule for the coming months holds great surprises, such as the Arkbound Membership pass, Ark Stone NFT collection, the Golden Mushroom time-limited event, and new regions and features.

People excited about playing Arkbound can find the game setup file on the company website. Immediate play, as it can be associated with an Epic Games account. An option to connect to a crypto wallet allows users to explore NFT playing gradually as per each player’s requirements.

David Cox

David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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